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  • Over 7,000 people hacked into the fight against Covid-19

Over 7,000 people hacked into the fight against Covid-19

On 3rd to 6th of April, Hack the Crisis was organized all over Sweden. Over 7 000 participants contributed with more than 500 innovative ideas in the fight against the Corona crisis. The purpose of what became one of Europe’s largest digital hackathon was to develop sustainable solutions for Sweden to overcome the current situation.

– In the special times we are in, it is important that many people engage and contribute with their skills and with innovative ideas and initiatives, says Lennart Johansson, head of the Business and Industry group at Gothenburg & Co.

About 7 439 participants, from their home or office across Sweden, contributed with ideas and solutions in the fight against Covid-19 and made Hack the Crisis Sweden one of Europe’s largest virtual hackathon. Focusing on the three main tracks Save Life, Save Communities, Save Businesses, 530 ideas and solutions were delivered.

A jury consisting of 95 people including Peter Grönberg, CEO of Gothenburg & Co, rewarded two winners in each category. Read about the winners and other suggestions here.

A reward of 150 000 SEK was divided to the winners who now have the opportunity to implement their idea and solution in collaboration with committed partners and authorities

The Trade and Industry group is a proud partner to Openhack, which together with DIGG (the Swedish Digital Agency), the Government Offices, Hack for Sweden and AI Innovation of Sweden were the initiators of Hack the Crisis.