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Icebug wins Gothenburg & Co Prize

The Gothenburg-based company Icebug is the world’s first climate-positive manufacturer of outdoor shoes. They are now also the winner of the Gothenburg & Co Prize 2019, which is delivered by the Trade and Industry Group at Gothenburg & Co. Despite the ongoing corona crisis in the world, Icebug continues to pursue its climate fight.

Photo: Icebug.

“It is a really nice prize to win, because the criteria for the prize match the goals we have”, says David Ekelund, founder and CEO of Icebug.

Since the company was founded in 2001 by David and his mother, sustainability and public health have been important. The company’s goal is to get people out into the wild during all seasons. This is even more accurate and important right now.

“The winner of the Gothenburg & Co Prize 2019, Icebug, has developed a unique grip technology for outdoor shoes and works exemplary with sustainability in all dimensions. They dare stick out their chin and challenge their industry”, says Kristin Mari Riera, project manager for Gothenburg & Co Prize at the Trade and Business Group.

Due to the current situation, the company has new priorities. Many events that the company organizes to create a sense of community are resettled. Icebug has also developed a system to support local retailers who have been forced to close their stores.

“Many things are uncertain and change quickly. It is important to maintain a clear internal compass. For us it is to be able to keep two things in mind at the same time: to cope with the crisis we are in right now and at the same time not stop working on the carbon dioxide emissions problem “, says David Ekelund.

Facts about Gothenburg & Co Prize:

• Every year, the Trade and Industry group at Gothenburg & Co delivers the Gothenburg & Co Prize to successful companies that are run and developed in the Gothenburg region.

• The price consists of 25 000 SEK and a silver figurine.

• Since the prize was founded in 1994, it’s been awarded to approximately 60 companies.