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Digital cultural meetings where music meets innovation

On the 14th to the 17th of April, a creative workshop was conducted with the support of the Trade and Industry Group. Together with creative students from Yrgo and the Media Institute, Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra has worked on finding new, creative, digital ways to create cultural meetings and raise interest for Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra’s music.

The participants from Yrgo and the Media Institute, together with the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra, worked on finding creative digital ways to create cultural meetings. Photo: Gothenburg Symphonics.

The participants of the workshop are creative students from Yrgo and the Media Institute who, when their opportunities for an internship at the city’s advertising agencies disappeared because of the Corona pandemic, started two own advertising agencies. The workshop is led by Christer Hedberg from &friends. The aim of this week commissioned by Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra and the Trade and Industry Group was to make music accessible to more people by using innovative digital solutions. Together we show the strength and effects of culture meeting innovation and the benefits of digital cultural meetings.

– Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra has long been at the forefront when it comes to high quality recordings in our own studio. Through GSOplay, our digital concert hall, GSO’s music reaches over 170 000 visitors each month. Digital options like GSOplay increase accessibility, lower thresholds and make it easy to explore classical music even outside the Concert Hall, says Eva Essvik, business developer at Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra.

Now that digital solutions are more up-to-date than ever, it is important to build up even more content in the digital concert hall to put Gothenburg on the map as an innovative role model where culture and business go hand in hand to build an attractive, prosperous and growing region.