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International guest researchers visit AI Innovation of Sweden

As part of the project Go Science, guest researchers from the University of Gothenburg and Chalmers got to visit and learn more about the new national center for AI research, AI Innovation of Sweden.

AI Innovation of Sweden is a national center for applied AI research and innovation, with the aim to strengthen the competitiveness of the Swedish industry and welfare. AI Innovation of Sweden is a national and neutral initiative, functioning as an engine in the Swedish AI ecosystem. The focus is on accelerating the implementation of AI through sharing knowledge and data and collaborative projects.

For one afternoon, 24 guest researchers were invited to listen to an inspirational lecture and attend a workshop to learn more about AI research in Sweden with the aim of using AI as a tool in their daily work.

Adrian Bumann (Chalmers) and Aram Karimi (University of Gothenburg) attended the lecture and workshop at AI Innovation of Sweden with Go Science.

Adrian Bumann is a PhD student in the Department of Entrepreneurship and Strategy, at the Department of Technology Economics and Organization. He researches information systems and digital transformation with a focus on innovation processes in the maritime and marine sectors where he uses AI as a tool.

– I’m involved in one of the data factories at AI Innovation of Sweden. I think it’s a great organization to bring people together from different areas. It’s great to have one place to go to if we have a question or looking for certain contacts to provide you with specific content and knowledge. Lots of people here have very different experiences with AI.

Aram Karimi, who is researching Natural Language Processing at the University of Gothenburg at the Department of Philosophy, Linguistics and Theory of Science, also uses AI in her daily work to understand semantics for text in Natural Language Understanding. She has been to several Go Science activities during the fall and appreciates it.

– Go Science is very good for international researchers. I would also like to have more meetings with companies and industries from the business community. We researchers need to understand and solve problems that help people in real working life.

From January 2020, the projects Student Gothenburg and Go Science will merge to form Unimeet Gothenburg. The purpose of the platform is to increase the collaboration between the University of Gothenburg, Chalmers University of Technology and the trade and industry. The new platform does not mean a major change and will continue with welcoming activities, however with an increased focus on collaboration between Gothenburg University, Chalmers and the business community. Together, we want to make Gothenburg an even better city for international students and guest researchers and show what the city has to offer in terms of business and competence.