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Category: Trade and industry group

”They should make a movie about this film festival”

Events · 2021-03-01

This is what journalist Terry McSweeney from American NBC said about the Gothenburg Film Festival. When the Corona Pandemic hit,…

Career Day helps international students to position themselves in the Swedish labor market

Events · 2021-01-27

Entering the job market as a recent graduate is not always easy. Positioning oneself in the labor market in a…

Meet a personal trainer in sustainability

Trade and industry group · 2020-11-23

A city with SEK 1,000 billion in construction and development work planned for the run up to 2035 faces many…

Unimeet Gothenburg welcomed new international students and researchers digitally

Events · 2020-10-21

On the 14th of October from 5.30 pm to 7 pm, Unimeet Gothenburg arranged its yearly welcome evening for new…

Asking the right questions saves lives

Trade and industry group · 2020-09-15

The fields of health, healthcare, medicine and medical technology are currently in the midst of a paradigm shift. Matti Ahlqvist…

Impressions that last

Meetings · 2020-08-13

Certain things need to be experienced physically – either because they are unique in the world (such as Gothenburg’s archipelago)…

Martin Moses – A Feast for the Eyes

Destination · 2020-07-03

An otherwise unremarkable door in a workshop next to Gothenburg’s fishing harbour and auction market has attracted many elite chefs.…

A true fisherman’s tale

Destination · 2020-06-26

We were already doing this in the eleventh century – farming carp on land in combination with growing vegetables. “There’s…

Job Fair Skarpt Läge: a match that is needed for many industries

Trade and industry group · 2020-04-30

Results from this year's job fair Skarpt Läge are now official. Two months after the job fair and despite the…

Icebug wins Gothenburg & Co Prize

Trade and industry group · 2020-04-30

The Gothenburg-based company Icebug is the world's first climate-positive manufacturer of outdoor shoes. They are now also the winner of…

Geely is the new member of the Trade and Industry Group

Trade and industry group · 2020-04-20

It is now official that the automotive giant Geely joins and becomes the newest member of the Trade and Industry…

Digital cultural meetings where music meets innovation

Trade and industry group · 2020-04-16

On the 14th to the 17th of April, a creative workshop was conducted with the support of the Trade and…