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Category: Trade and industry group

Meet a personal trainer in sustainability

Trade and industry group · 2020-11-23

A city with SEK 1,000 billion in construction and development work planned for the run up to 2035 faces many…

Unimeet Gothenburg welcomed new international students and researchers digitally

Events · 2020-10-21

On the 14th of October from 5.30 pm to 7 pm, Unimeet Gothenburg arranged its yearly welcome evening for new…

Asking the right questions saves lives

Trade and industry group · 2020-09-15

The fields of health, healthcare, medicine and medical technology are currently in the midst of a paradigm shift. Matti Ahlqvist…

Impressions that last

Meetings · 2020-08-13

Certain things need to be experienced physically – either because they are unique in the world (such as Gothenburg’s archipelago)…

Martin Moses – A Feast for the Eyes

Destination · 2020-07-03

An otherwise unremarkable door in a workshop next to Gothenburg’s fishing harbour and auction market has attracted many elite chefs.…

A true fisherman’s tale

Destination · 2020-06-26

We were already doing this in the eleventh century – farming carp on land in combination with growing vegetables. “There’s…

Job Fair Skarpt Läge: a match that is needed for many industries

Trade and industry group · 2020-04-30

Results from this year's job fair Skarpt Läge are now official. Two months after the job fair and despite the…

Icebug wins Gothenburg & Co Prize

Trade and industry group · 2020-04-30

The Gothenburg-based company Icebug is the world's first climate-positive manufacturer of outdoor shoes. They are now also the winner of…

Geely is the new member of the Trade and Industry Group

Trade and industry group · 2020-04-20

It is now official that the automotive giant Geely joins and becomes the newest member of the Trade and Industry…

Digital cultural meetings where music meets innovation

Trade and industry group · 2020-04-16

On the 14th to the 17th of April, a creative workshop was conducted with the support of the Trade and…

Over 7,000 people hacked into the fight against Covid-19

Trade and industry group · 2020-04-09

On 3rd to 6th of April, Hack the Crisis was organized all over Sweden. Over 7 000 participants contributed with…

Drones can help save lives at sea

Trade and industry group · 2020-01-29

The Swedish Sea Rescue Society, SSRS, thought they could work more efficiently in an offshore accident if they had access…