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  • They grow the food of the future in Gamlestaden and win Gothenburg’s Company Prize

They grow the food of the future in Gamlestaden and win Gothenburg’s Company Prize

The food of the future is grown in Gamlestaden. With its vision to change the food industry by producing protein without the involvement of animals or large cultivation areas, the FoodTech company Mycorena is this year’s winner of Gothenburg’s Company Prize, which is awarded by the Trade and Industry Group at Gothenburg & Co. The pioneering circular production system of mycoprotein has even caught the attention of NASA.

“Sustainability and resource efficiency are more important than ever to achieve lasting change in the food industry. Our goal is for Mycorena to be at the forefront of this change, and this award confirms that we are on the right track” says Ramkumar Nair, CEO and founder of Mycorena.

Mycorena produces a vegan mycelium-based protein. In 24 hours, they produce protein equivalent to a cow, but without large pastures or barns. It is the mycoprotein in a fermentation process together with entrepreneurship and international competence that is the basis of the company that will conquer the world with a completely new type of food.

“Food production today accounts for 30 percent of global carbon dioxide emissions. The food of the future needs to be climate-smart, resource-efficient and useful. With its impressive entrepreneurial journey in a highly topical area, Mycorena is a very worthy winner of this year’s Gothenburg Company Prize” says Kristin Mari Riera, Näringslivsgruppen Göteborg & Co.

The company received the prize during an award ceremony on March 9 during the annual meeting of the Börssällskapet i Göteborg (Stock Exchange Association in Gothenburg).

From India to Gamlestaden

Mycorena’s journey and vision to change the food industry started with the CEO and founder, Doctor Ramkumar Nair, who came to Sweden from India in 2013 to pursue his PhD at Chalmers. Mycorena has been part of GU Ventures’ investments since 2018 and is today one of Sweden’s fastest growing companies .

After a rapid and successful development, Mycorena continues to expand its operations in Gamlestaden, a fast-growing area in terms of the future food industry with, among other things, the venture Urban Food Space. The company launched its first test product on the market in 2019 and most products with the mycoprotein Promyc as an ingredient are now available for purchase in selected stores.

At the innovation center in Gamlestaden, new sustainable solutions are constantly being developed, and a pioneering system for the circular production of mycoprotein has now caught the attention of NASA. In the coming weeks, representatives from NASA will visit the headquarters in Gamlestaden to take part in the future process of producing food in space.

Mycorena in numbers:

Facts about Gothenburg Company Prize:

  • Since 1994, the Trade and Industry Group at Gothenburg & Co has been awarding Gothenburg’s Company Prize every year to successful companies that are run and developed in the Gothenburg region.
  • The prize consists of SEK 25,000 and a silver statuette.
  • Read more about Näringslivsgruppen here.