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Aniara, a film screened inside coffins during the Göteborg Film Festival in January this year, has generated worldwide media attention. This unconventional film experience challenged the traditional way of viewing movies and reached 500 million people through various media.

Photo: Studio Mint

“We’re delighted with the worldwide impact of the World’s Most Claustrophobic Cinema, not least in the USA where several hundred articles have been published about the screenings. It’s great to know that articles about Gothenburg and the screenings have appeared in 140 countries. Having our completely self-produced event spotlighted by the likes of Perez Hilton, Variety, The Hollywood Reporter and The Times is extremely encouraging and bodes well for the festival’s future development,” says Andreas Degerhammar, Communications Manager, Göteborg Film Festival.

During the Göteborg Film Festival, an expectant public was challenged with an extraordinary movie experience. Each viewer watched the movie in isolation while enclosed in a coffin. The unusual movie concept generated huge international media interest and was publicised on TV, radio, in newspapers and in social media. The claustrophobic screening was mentioned in over 500 articles and social media posts and shared in more than 100 countries There were frequent tweets on the launch day, and on the first day one tweet was aired every three seconds. There is no doubt about the huge interest generated by the movie experience, and all 28 screenings quickly sold out.

The partnership between the Göteborg Film Festival and Göteborg & Co’s Trade and Industry Group resulted in a larger international press following, which included The New Yorker, Variety, Cineuropa and the Telegraph.

The Göteborg Film Festival is a non-profit association. Their annual film festival runs for ten days starting in the third week of January, showing films from all over the world at cinemas around Gothenburg. This year the Göteborg Film Festival was nominated for Guldägget (The Golden Egg Award), The One Show and The Webby Awards. See more information here about the Göteborg Film Festival.



The Go Global focus year will be launched during the Göteborg Film Festival on Friday 26th of January. The Göteborg Film Festival is an ideal platform for launching the 2018 focus year, during which the whole city will be involved in preparing for Gothenburg’s 400th anniversary.

Photo: Marie Ullnert/Göteborg & Co

Already before the launch, on the 19th of January, four film showings were held at the Draken cinema for 2 228 children aged 3 to 14 during the Göteborg Children’s Film Festival. More than 1 300 children arrived by bus from various areas of Gothenburg including Tynnered, Angered, Biskopsgården, Bergsjön and eastern Gothenburg. This initiative, organised in collaboration with the Göteborg Film Festival and Skolbio (School Cinema), is designed to give children from all areas of Gothenburg the opportunity to visit the Film Festival.

Among the crowds of excited children waiting in the hall for their film to start, we spoke to a group of girls and boys from the school Sjumilaskola in Biskopsgården. They have produced an intro which will be shown before each film, and they are already well informed about the Film Festival.

“It’s great because it’s so big!” says Almina, who is in year two at Sjumilaskola.

All her schoolmates agree that it’s really exciting that so many films are shown.

“I might work in films when I’m grown up,” smiles Almina happily.

Children in preschool and year two were shown animated films from different countries, while children aged 8 to 10 watched the Finnish narrative film “Halmhatten, Filttofflan och bröderna Rubens” (The Straw Hat, the Felt Slipper and the Rubens brothers). The oldest children watched the documentary “Liyana” in English and Zulu.

During the Göteborg Film Festival, world-famous film star Alicia Vikander from Gothenburg will give a masterclass. This event, organised as part of Gothenburg’s 400-year anniversary celebrations, will put Gothenburg on the international map.

Photo: Maja Kristin Nylander

Göteborg Film Festival is the largest film festival in the Nordic countries. It was launched in 1979 and offers every year 450 movies for more than 160 000 participants. Göteborg & Co and The Trade and Industry Group support Göteborg Film Festival in its journey toward an even larger international status by the 400th anniversary of Gothenburg in 2021. The artistic director Jonas Holmberg gives us more information about this year’s festival.

Hi Jonas! Who are you?

I am the artistic director of Göteborg Film Festival, meaning that I supervise the work of putting together the program. We travel around the world every year and watch thousands of movies to be able to choose the best for the festival. It’s a very fun job!

Göteborg Film Festival is the largest film festival in the Nordic region and you are now aiming to get an even more international status. How?

It’s been a long time since the Göteborg Film Festival became an international festival. A lot of people from all over the world travel to Gothenburg to watch new Nordic movies. We are now aiming to raise the international reputation of the festival. The key is to create unique content. It is important, for example, to have world premieres on high quality films, but also to have special programs and exciting guests. In Gothenburg it is much easier to meet the actors and directors compared to bigger festivals. Anyone here can listen to world names in our seminar program, and you’re welcome to meet big stars in bars.

What are your three “do not miss” tips for this year’s festival?

One should not miss any of the films in our main competition, Nordic Competition, where Nordic movies compete for the world’s biggest film prize. There are always amazing premiere shows at the Dragon movie theater. One of the nominated films this year is Lisa Langseth’s Euphoria. Alicia Vikander has the leading role, and she will be in participating at the premiere.

I also think you should not miss the Bergman program. There will be some of Sweden’s leading directors; Tomas Alfredson, Lisa Aschan, Pernilla August and others, who have interpreted the legacy of Bergman in new short films that will have their world premiere at the festival.

Finally, take a chance to visit our festival arena in the district of Andra Långgatan. This is where you can meet film profiles from around the world, attend seminars and perhaps most importantly – take a glass of wine with a friend and discuss what you have seen during the day.

Göteborg Film Festival will take place January 26 – February 5, 2018. More information here.