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Hybrid experiences for events and meetings

Hybrid and digital experiences are here to stay

That we will meet both physically, digitally and hybrid is what many Swedish and international studies we have read say, and we can really only conclude that all three formats will live on. Instead, the important question is how meetings and events will adapt their formats to their target audiences? While still needing to target their content, the industry should also focus on continuing to test its way to find its digital elements and new business models through platforms, studio production, streaming services and interactive tools to finally find its optimal physical, digital or hybrid format that it then needs to continue being developed. Read and learn more below about the Hybrid + Method as well as how we can help you as an organiser to find the optimal format for your event.

Plan your meeting or event

To help you plan your hybrid or digital meeting or event, we have developed a method and a checklist for…

The Hybrid+ Method

Meeting and event organisers now face a transition, in which they need to adapt according to their target group and…

Henrik Svensson

Project manager Gothenburg Way to Legacy
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