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A knowledge hub for the tourism industry

Göteborg & Co’s aim behind the Knowledge Hub is to democratise and pass on information in a smart and effective way to boost competitiveness and future-proof the tourism industry.

The Knowledge Hub is about collecting statistics, monitoring the surrounding climate and gaining insights in order to make this information available in educating and inspiring the tourism industry to engage in continued innovation and development. The Knowledge Hub also seeks to stimulate universities, higher education institutions and private companies to conduct research and innovate.

Thanks to the Knowledge Hub, all actors in a destination will be able to learn from historic data, interact with visitors to the city using real-time data, and look into the future using predictive analyses of customer data to predict future behaviour. In the long term, this will help to improve profitability for businesses and create new collaborative partnerships.

Focus on data security and sustainability

All the information gathered by the Knowledge Hub is anonymised. The aim is thus not to map individuals but more to understand what visitors need to get the most out of their visit.

As well as helping the industry to understand and optimise the underlying economic conditions, social and environmental sustainability metrics and studies are vital to understanding which parts of the ecosystem influence or are influenced by potential visitors. More information will also improve transport efficiency and save resources. 

A data platform that provides broader insights

Are you part of the visitor industry in the Gothenburg region, Sweden or Europe, and share our belief in

Where do visitors stay when they come to Gothenburg? Where do they eat? Which activities do they do?

The destination’s data platform was created as a tool in the Knowledge Hub. Tourism actors submit their data (e.g. from mobile operators, traffic, credit card companies) to the shared ecosystem and are able to share enriched information to obtain a holistic picture of the visitor. 

The platform collects, consolidates, organises and distributes anonymised visitor data as shared or open data for further processing. It can be integrated with CRM and other customer care and analysis systems that gather information about the visitor such as location, age, purchases, page views, etc.

The process provides data for fact-based decision-making. The more businesses sign up to the data platform, the more advanced data will be able to be obtained.

Niklas Masuch

Project manager
+46 736 66 09 62