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The Gothenburg City Mission

The Gothenburg City Mission is a politically independent, non-profit organization that conducts professional relief activities for people in need of getting back on their feet. A big part of the social work is financed by donations.

Photo: The Gothenburg City Mission

Ideas and examples of activities

  • Donations of clothing, other items and money are welcome. Used clothing and items reduce impact on environmental resources. Work opportunities are also created for people who want to come back to working life. By donating, you also contribute to the Gothenburg City Mission’s open operations.
  • The Christmas gift tram is an annual activity that spreads joy. Businesses and individuals can hand in Christmas presents along the tram line for a day in December. The gifts are distributed to families with children and others living on small funds.
  • Climate-smart catering – sandwiches and lunches, prepared from rescued fresh produce – can be ordered.
  • Two conference rooms, seating 60 and 16 people, are available for rent.