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The Foundation for Queen Silvia Children’s Hospital

The Foundation for Queen Silvia Children’s Hospital is a non-profit organisation that is fundraising money to improve life quality and wellbeing for children, young people and families at Sweden’s largest children’s hospital. The foundation adds things, activities and experiences that allow the children to focus on having fun; and forget about their illness for a while.

Photo: Glenn T Unger/

Meetings and events can be used to both raise money for the benefit of the foundation but also give children and their families experiences that can bring new strengths and joy during times of struggle.

Ideas and examples of activities

During the European Championships in equestrian sports the families were given the opportunity to visit the event. The event mascot – the mini pony Anton – also visited the children in the hospital garden, especially appreciated by the ones unable to leave the hospital area.

Some of the event partners and sponsors ran a popular fundraising activity. They also matched the result with a donation of the corresponding amount.

Auctions were also held in collaboration with the Göteborgs Auktionsverk for the benefit of the organization.