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Parks and Landscape Administration

Unfortunately, you’ll find garbage everywhere. In the city environment, in the outdoors, and in the sea. “Take care of Gothenburg – Throw your litter in a bin” is a campaign where the City of Gothenburg runs several initiatives to make it easier for us all to contribute to a cleaner world.

Photo: City of Gothenburg

The City of Gothenburg is a member of Keep Sweden Tidy, a non-profit foundation that promotes recycling and combats litter through public awareness campaigns, awards and environmental education. The foundation strives to influence people’s attitudes and behaviour to encourage a sustainable development.

Ideas and examples of activities

  • Clean up public spaces and become a city hero or coastal saviour. By signing up for volunteer cleaning, the Parks and Landscape Administration contribute with cleaning materials, e.g. garbage bags and gloves, and collects the garbage.
  • Create a Plogging event. Plogging is an increasingly popular movement where you pick garbage while jogging. Get fit and help cleaning up the environment.