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El Sistema’s Friends in Gothenburg

El Sistema’s Friends in Gothenburg is a non-profit association that supports and inspires the development of El Sistema, an organisation using music to create a positive social change in children’s lives. The association is contributing to a socially sustainable society, strengthens the development of democracy and increases integration.

El Sistema uses music to break alienation and include children and young people in meaningful contexts. Around 1,600 children are taught today in a variety of instruments.

At the international music camp Side by Side, children and young people from all over the world gather during some intense summer days to play in an orchestra and sing in choir. Exciting conductors, musicians and educators lead workshops and rehearsals and the camp concludes with magnificent concerts side by side with musicians from the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra and Gothenburg Symphony Vocal Ensemble.

Ideas and examples of activities

Concerts can be held at meetings and events. 

Companies, such as The Swedish Exhibition & Congress Center, cooperates by supporting the continuous planning and construction of El Sistema as well as co-arranging concerts.