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Meetings with a Legacy

Gothenburg is a world leading destination for sustainable meetings and has a long tradition of collaboration between authorities, academia and industry. Vital ingredients in a successful meeting legacy approach. Meeting legacy is part of the Gothenburg Strategic Plan for Meetings, developed in 2018, in broad stakeholder collaboration. The convention bureau works closely with associations and local and national stakeholders to ensure that meetings generate long-term, positive impact, by offering Gothenburg Way to Legacy.

Gothenburg Way to Legacy

The Gothenburg Way to Legacy is a structured approach to meeting legacy and includes the Programme, Toolbox and Community Support.

When the International Continence Society (ICS) brought their event to Gothenburg, not only was the supreme quality of the services ensured but something more: the legacy that the event would leave was foreseen long before the event took place. One of the ways that the Gothenburg Convention Bureau ensured a legacy was by providing financial support to local practitioners to attend the event. As a result, they are better prepared and can ensure improved healthcare services to the local population, creating a multiplier effect from one single meeting.

Louise Gorringe, Director Association Management Operations, Kenes Group

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