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Reasons to choose Gothenburg for your next meeting

Beautiful surroundings, world-class meeting venues, thousands of eco-certified hotel rooms and great value for money – these are only some of the things that make Gothenburg a city made for meetings.

These are some of the things that make Gothenburg such a good place to meet.

Safe, stable and organized

According to the Global Peace Index, Sweden is one of the most peaceful countries in the world. In fact, Sweden has not been to war for 200 years.

Excellent connections with the rest of the world

Gothenburg is easily accessible by air, road, rail and sea thanks to its location in the heart of Scandinavia. Only 20 minutes transport from airport to the city center.

It’s the perfect size

In terms of proximity, Gothenburg offers a one-of-a-kind destination with everything you need and want within walking distance. Maximum convenience for delegates and organisers guaranteed. 

Effective collaboration

To us, partnership is not just a pretty word. Smooth decision-making, seamless communication, trouble-free logistics and effective supplies are key ingredients in our offer.

What really impressed me is how you are able to bring together all partners in the city. Not trivial and not achieved in most cities around the world.

Iftah Amit, Vice President Global Sales & Marketing at Kenes Group

We deliver what we promise

Delegate satisfaction is rated at 6.2 out of 7. (Satisfaction Index Gothenburg 2019.)

Top-notch hospitality in Sweden’s friendliest city

As a visitor in Gothenburg you are greeted with a relaxed attitude, warmth and friendliness. People here are open and interested  – for real. Also, many Swedes are fluent in English. In fact Swedes are the top English non-native speakers of the world.

The entire city is your venue

Gothenburg is just the right size to give a large meeting high visibility and presence all over town.

Sustainability – a way of life

Extensive environmental protection, active measures to respect human rights, improve work environments and fighting corruption. Many of today’s Swedish companies are at the forefront in integrating a sustainable approach to business. The city is among the world leaders in sustainable construction, waste management and re-usable energy, and at the cutting edge of environmental certification of hotels and events.

Bike friendly

Gothenburg begs to be explored by foot but the blue trams are of course always there if your feet need a rest. Also, there’s a hugely popular network consisting of city bikes at more than 130 bike stations spread all over town. Pick up a bike, go where you want to go and leave it at the closest station – easy as that.
There are also a large number of electric scooters for rent around the city.

Great value for money

Gothenburg is a highly competitive city in many respects – including value for money. International indices agree that prices in Gothenburg are below the average European level and the average for Scandinavian capitals. What clearly is above average, is the famous Swedish quality.

Europe’s largest fully integrated meeting place

The Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre and Gothia Towers with its 1,200 rooms is an impressive display in efficiency and comfort. In short – everything you need is accessible without even having to put on a coat. And for those who wish to take a walk, the city center waits just outside the hotel entrance.

95 percent environmentally certified hotel rooms

Stay comfortably, sustainably and with great value. In Gothenburg you will find accommodation options to suit every occasion and budget from cool design to luxury – or simply just great value. In Greater Gothenburg there are more than 12,000 hotel rooms. In the city centre there are almost 10,000 rooms to choose from whereof 95 percent, are environmentally certified.

A gourmet’s dream

The location on the west coast and the proximity to the cold water of the North Sea make Gothenburg a true seafood paradise, with some of the finest prawns, langoustines and lobsters in the world. The local restaurants stretch from street food via trendy eateries and family-friendly restaurants to fine dining establishments. Many of the restaurants in Gothenburg are environmentally certified.

A unique coffee culture

Gothenburg is peppered with cozy and classic Swedish cafes. Don’t miss to stop for a “fika”, Sweden’s much loved tradition of coffee and a “bulle” (sweet bun).

Always something going on

Gothenburg has much to offer with a never-ending choice of attractions, interesting architecture, shopping, restaurants and nightlife. Creativity and an entrepreneurial spirit have put the city on the world map and there’s a lot of exciting things going on within music, design and advertising from the Gothenburg region. The city is richly diversified and aspects of various foreign cultures are woven into everyday life – from music to food and fashion.

Breathtaking nature and an archipelago to die for

In Sweden, it is easy to tell the four seasons apart. Winter is white and snowy, spring is beautiful and blooming, summer is comfortably warm and autumn is colourful. All year round, the stunning archipelago and the countryside around Gothenburg is breathtakingly beautiful – and just a tram ride away.

The outdoor access rights

The Swedish Right of Public Access (allemansrätten) gives everyone the right to roam freely in nature as long as you do so responsibly and with respect.

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