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Safe Meetings – Covid-19

Health and safety are our number one priority and the meeting industry in Gothenburg is committed to deliver clean and safe environments.

Meeting venues and hotels follow covid protocols, and some are a Covid-19 certified. All facilities and restaurants follow the Swedish Public Health Agency’s and the Swedish sector organisation Visita’s recommendations for safe stays and conferences. 

Most restrictions lifted

On the 9th of February 2022, most of the Covid-19 restrictions were lifted. The remaining recommendations are to get vaccinated and stay at home/avoid close contact with others in case of any sign or symptoms of Covid-19.

Travel to and in Gothenburg 

Please pay attention to the specific restrictions implemented by your airline or your train, bus or ferry operator. The Gothenburg city centre is compact, so you can walk almost anywhere. Public transport is operating as normal, and the Vasttrafik To Go app helps you with your travel route, and also indicates when a departure is crowded. contains a summary of the prohibitions, advice, and recommendations in effect because of Covid-19. 

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