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Gothenburg Convention Bureau works strategically with associations wishing to utilise their meeting to create a long-term positive impact in the host community. We offer the Programme to associations in subject areas matching Gothenburg’s prioritised sectors or an identified development area. Together, we decide on meeting legacy goals, activities to contribute to those goals and ways of measuring the outcome. The programme is possible thanks to our well-established network of legacy ambassadors representing academia, industry, and public entities. And a firm local belief in the power of collaboration. 

Programme steps

  1. Analysis
  2. Goal setting
  3. Co-creation
  4. Implementation
  5. Evaluation and dissemination

Case Study

IInternational Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare 2022 – Public Awareness and Local Competence Development

Leading up to the International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare in Gothenburg 2022, the Convention Bureau initiated an impact project together with the strategic partners and organisers of the meeting. The International Forum has a strong population health prevention and promotion track and seeks to involve society and citizens. Vision and goals and the broad view on what health means, align with those of the Gothenburg region and Sweden. Several workshops were held. It was identified that it is difficult for people to make large lifestyle changes to achieve better health. Therefore, a joint decision was made, to influence and contribute to citizens and delegates taking small steps towards a healthier lifestyle. The identified intention of impact was a healthier population. Through incorporating the impact project into the city’s Gothenburg’s 400th Anniversary, a legacy initiative in its own right, it would also be possible to showcase local health promotion initiatives.

Some of the activities of the impact project were:

  • Collaboration with Livsstilsverktyget (Lifestyle Tool), a large research study and tool developed at the University of Gothenburg. The study investigates how people deal with daily life challenges and how that impacts their health. Regular use of the tool will make it easier to prioritise health in day-to-day life. A tailored URL for the impact project was created, making it possible to measure how many sign up, and after three years, how many of those experience that their health has improved.
  • A public pop-up arena in the main shopping centre of Gothenburg during the International Forum. The event showcased local health promoting organisations and innovative initiatives, spanning over all areas of health, inspiring visitors to the arena to take steps towards a healthier lifestyle. The Lifestyle Tool was promoted.
  • Delegates could participate in a guided tour of No Limits – an outdoor photo exhibition of older athletes, challenging perceptions about what we can do as we get older and promoting active ageing. Guides were from the Centre for Ageing and Health at the University of Gothenburg.
  • The Convention Bureau works closely together with the local economic development agency, Business Region Göteborg. Meetings are seen as a tool for talent attraction. During the International Forum, the organisations exhibited together for the first time, presenting the destination as a place to work in, live in and visit. The Lifestyle Tool was promoted at the stand, encouraging delegates to sign up.

400 people visited the pop-up arena. Radio Sweden broadcasted live. The answers in the ‘’What does health mean to you’’ survey, were mapped and turned out to be consistent with the same broad view on health that the International Forum and the national and local partners have. The No Limits exhibition was very much appreciated by the participating delegates, who showed great interest and commitment.

The Lifestyle Tool, with the tailored URL created during the International Forum, will continue to be promoted by the anniversary organisation. It will be possible to measure how many sign up to the tool, and follow their health journey. In 2025, the researchers will be able to say how many of those who signed up were helped by the tool and experience better health.

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