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Restaurant Trends

In partnership with the Gothenburg Restaurant Association (GRF) and the Benchmarking Alliance, Göteborg & Co is offering all restaurants in the Gothenburg region the opportunity to work with analysis tools. The service is part of the visitor industry’s knowledge hub within digitalisation and data-driven decision-making.

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Optimise and boost your sales

Since the late 1990s, the Hotel Trends service has operated in a similar way for hotels. The time has now come for restaurants, and in order to take advantage of the many opportunities offered by Restaurant Trends we need to grow in number.

By comparing their own data with the destination’s key ratios, restaurants can see the income per space that can be achieved and how quickly other restaurants optimise their turnover and number of guests. This is a way for restaurants to improve their own performance by training staff and adapting work process using these levels as goals.

Among the many functions available, the platform differentiates between lunch and dinner data, and reflects the dynamic between the two. Find out more about the Benchmarking Alliance here.

“In order for us in the restaurant industry to make our voice heard within Gothenburg’s visitor industry, we need to be measurable,” explains Ulrika Kvarnhult, Chair of the Gothenburg Restaurant Association. “Hotels are, rail and air travel are, and so are many others. But we’re not. Not yet. It should be possible to produce statistics quickly and easily – everything should happen automatically – so that we can demonstrate and confirm how things are going within the industry, both up and down. This is an incredibly useful and essential measuring tool in discussions with politicians and with various decision-makers and partners, whether within the city or the region, or nationally.”

Simple key ratios speak loudest

  • RevPAS (lunch/dinner) = restaurant revenue per available space
  • Average bill (lunch/dinner) = restaurant revenue per guest
  • Occupancy per seat (lunch/dinner) = guests per available space
Photo: Peter Kvarnström/Göteborg & Co

Cooperation with the Benchmarking Alliance and Trivec Norden

The Benchmarking Alliance’s data is used by Visita, the Central Bank of Sweden, the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth and other organisations that communicate with the Swedish Government and use facts to show how things are actually going for the visitor industry during these tough times. All information shown on Restaurant Trends is anonymous – individual participants’ data can never be identified.

Daily statistics are delivered to the platform by the cash register system company Trivec. As well as the value for individual restaurants of being able to compare themselves with others, Restaurant Trends also helps to boost the industry as a whole.

How to get started
We are currently looking for restaurants that use Trivec as their PoS/cash register system.

Register your interest here. 

If you have any questions about the Benchmarking Alliance, please contact Fredrik Önrup,

Niklas Masuch, Project leader
+46 736 66 09 62

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