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A Better City

How do we create a city center that is more attractive, multifaceted, balanced, vibrant, and sustainable in the future? The project “A Better City” is a collaboration between Gothenburg & Co and Business Region Gothenburg, aiming at organizations who can influence and design the city center of the future on a strategic level.


During the past few years, people’s everyday lives have been fundamentally shaken which resulted in behavioral changes in several areas of the society. All indications show that some of these changes will be of a lasting nature. Gothenburg’s city center has been hit hard and the crisis that affects both the trade and the hospitality industry is bearing on the long-term development of the city center.

The structural changes in the working life, business travel, leisure travel, trade and consumption entail a paradigm shift where it is observed that reasons for visiting the city center are being reconsidered on different levels. Fewer office workers, fewer business travelers and fewer consumers means that the number of visitors to the city center decreases. As the city center counts fewer permanent residents compared to other parts of the city, it is crucial to create good conditions and new reasons for visiting the city center, as well as preparing a long-term plan to build more housing.

During the winter of 2020, Gothenburg & Co and Business Region Gothenburg conducted a large survey on the locals opinion about the city center. As a result of the study and together with relevant key organizations, the project “A Better City” was created.

Together we want to develop a more attractive city center.

The Purpose of the Project

It is important to maintain an attractive urban environment for both visitors and locals in the changes currently taking place.

By creating knowledge and consensus about the challenges the city is facing, and agreeing on a common vision for the city center, the project aims to accelerate the transition and gather the power of action required to shape the city center of the future.


The project “A Better City” started in the spring of 2021 on the initiative of Gothenburg & Co and Business Region Gothenburg, and in close collaboration with the city organization Citysamverkan and the property development organization Fastighetsägarna. During the process, a working group was created with representatives from the city’s administrations, private industries, property owners, the city center’s trade organizations, and the School of Business, Economics and Law.


Martin Karlsson, Project manager A Better City

Paul Jones Winlund, Project manager A Better City

Lars Isacson, Director Strategic Staff
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Pauline Modig-Pontois, Communicator
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