Team Gothenburg

Team Gothenburg is a pool of young people and young adults who assist on a voluntary basis during major city events. In 2014 there were 358 volunteers in the pool.

Team Gothenburg reflects the diversity of the city, with hosts speaking a total of over 40 languages and representing every district.

Team Gothenburg’s goals are to:

  • Increase employability by building self-confidence, experience, knowledge and a network of contacts.
  • Show that you are doing something important and positive for the event and the city. In the longer term, work of this type can help to break down prejudices relating to gender, ethnicity, background, skin colour, etc.
  • Gothenburg City of Events should be perceived as safer, more open, more accessible and more welcoming by more groups of people, locally, nationally and internationally.
    The project began in 2009 and has had very positive results since then, for our collaborative partners and for team members. A survey in 2012 showed that the majority of team members feel they have acquired greater occupational experience, knowledge and contacts, that their efforts have meant a lot to the city, and that they have gained friends and contacts in other districts.

All members of Team Gothenburg receive training. The training covers areas of knowledge that are useful in volunteer roles during events, including safety, heart-lung resuscitation, knowledge of the city and events, service and hospitality, etc. In addition to the above training, members can also attend a number of in-depth courses, inspirational talks and mentor meetings.

Hosting for everyone

Hosting for everyone means that everyone should be able to contribute to Team Gothenburg. We therefore also welcome young people who need additional support, perhaps due to some form of disability. The aim is quite simply to make Team Gothenburg and the City of Events more accessible. If you have questions about additional support or accessibility please email