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Gothenburg Culture Festival

The Culture Festival is committed to reducing its environmental impact and meets the Swedish Environmental Base standard for environmental certification. The event sets requirements for partners and encourages them to use environmentally friendly products, use low-emission transport and develop sustainable solutions. The festival is powered by locally produced, renewable energy. It also meets the criteria for Fairtrade City Göteborg, which means that all coffee, tea and sugar served during the festival is ethically labelled. In addition to this requirement, all food vendors must offer at least one ethically labelled product in their range.

Photo: Frida Winter

Among other things the Culture Festival actively aims to bring a healthy mix of age groups and cultural events to the city, as this has proved to be a successful recipe for a peaceful event. No one should feel excluded from the Culture Festival on grounds of gender, ethnicity, ability, sexual orientation, gender identity/ expression, religion or age. In 2015 the Culture Festival won the Equalisters prize for its equality efforts on the stage. Wherever possible access is provided for people with disabilities, for example, platforms for wheelchairs and signing/audio description for people with visual/hearing impairments. The Culture Festival works with Team Gothenburg to recruit volunteers.

Since 2018 Gothenburg Culture Festival, in collaboration with The City of Gothenburg, works with the initiative Engångsfritt Kulturkalas which aims to decrease the amount of disposables during the event.

Anna Mjörnvik

Project manager
+46 706 31 38 17