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Destination’s Data Platform

The Destination’s Data Platform aims to explore how anonymized big-data and digital twins can be a foundation for creating innovative solutions, as well as improving our standards for measuring tourism and sustainability.

Destination Göteborg offers a unique place where research and development of sustainable ideas, products and services linked to the experience industry becomes a reality. It offers a wide range of cultural experiences, restaurants, hotels, events and world-class meetings. In order to continue to develop an attractive destination, a joint responsibility is required.  We were among the first in Sweden to understand the value of events for sustainable urban development and are now working more actively than ever with legacy.  Now we want to be the first to create a common way of collaboration for the hospitality industry where a sustainable destination is driven by data-driven decision. 

By redefining the commercial ecosystem and moving from insight-based business to statistics-based in big data and transactions, a 'game changer' is created for the experience industry. Here in Gothenburg we have the collaboration platform, the competence, the technology and the physical/digital location. Based on Gothenburg's sustainability work, we are taking the next step and further developing the Destination Data Platform (DDP) concept.

Niklas Masuch, project manager Destinations Data Platform (DDP) at Göteborg & Co
In order to help visitors do the right thing, we need to understand how they think. Photo: Happy Visuals/Göteborg & Co.

From analog to digital solutions 

One of the hospitality industry’s challenges for many years has been accessing facts and data to prove against decision-makers.  Every hotel or experience industry has usually been based on surveys and keeps track of its own statistics, but an exchange between partners in the industry has been more problematic.  The world around us is changing and we need to know in a quick and smooth way how society and industry are affected.  

From data to insights to actions 

To help visitors do the right thing, we need to understand how they think. The understanding of behavioral changes is key in the process. Collecting both quantitative and qualitative data that generate insights will ultimately help in decision-making and lead to sustainable actions in the long term.  

Through data-driven decision-making, we strengthen our DNA as a sustainable destination. The Destination’s Data Platform creates tools that the industry needs to take the next step.  Being able to follow movement in the central city, have overall control of hotel statistics, on restaurant turnovers, to have the opportunity to simulate a festival in a digital environment to improve the experience from a sustainable environmental, economic, and social perspective is the next step in the hospitality industry’s way of proactively working.  

How does it work? 

  1. In collaboration with Mastercard and players in the hospitality industry, anonymized big data is submitted to the common ecosystem. 
  2. The platform collects, consolidates, organizes and distributes anonymized visitor data as shared or open data for further processing. It can be integrated with CRM and other customer care and analysis systems that collect information about the visitor such as location, age, purchases, page views and more.
  3. Collaborators take part in enriched information to get an overall picture of the visitor, which provides a basis for fact-based decisions. The more people who join the data platform, the more advanced data can be obtained.

Niklas Masuch

Project manager
+46 736 66 09 62