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Projects and collaboration

Travellers value the opportunity to combine the attractions of a big city with closeness to nature and other experiences. This is an area where Gothenburg can compete strongly in the future. It requires mutual support by the city and the region. A destination does not end at a municipal boundary; in reality it is the area that the visitor interprets as a destination.

Göteborg & Co implements a cooperative agreement between Visit Sweden and the West Sweden Tourist Board, and extends collaboration with the Gothenburg region, focusing on business development, communication and accessibility, expanding and developing the collaborative platform that provides the foundation for partnership between the City of Tourism and private stakeholders.

In cooperation with a large number of stakeholders we manage projects and activities in areas that are very important to the destination and its future activities.

Hybrid experiences for events and meetings

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Xperience Next

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Gothenburg's 400th anniversary

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Destination's Data Platform

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International Partnerships

Göteborg & Co is an active partner in a number of national and international networks, and collaborates with a variety…

101 sustainable ideas

Ideas for tourism that gets us closer to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.