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Information regarding coronavirus

Conditions within the tourism industry have undergone a fundamental shift, and we feel warmly for all those who have been affected. Rarely has cooperation been as important as it is right now. We take our role as a collaborative platform extremely seriously, and we are working hard to provide as much help as we possibly can.

Göteborg & Co is now stepping up its analysis and external monitoring work within tourism and its communication regarding how the coronavirus pandemic is affecting the industry. We are assisting local and national authorities with information based on our close cooperation with the tourism industry.

As a company, we want to keep working for positive developments in both the short and the long terms. Göteborg & Co is continuing to work with sustainability, digitalisation and other future issues. The preparations for Gothenburg’s 400th anniversary in 2021 are continuing according to plan.

Here, you can find out more about what Göteborg & Co is currently doing.

Marketing and communication

Our marketing and communication team are working hard to ensure we are prepared to keep our channels open, and to be in a position to act quickly when the situation changes. This will enable us to help attract visitors and support all our partners in the industry.

  • We are reviewing and planning activities to market Gothenburg. This involves adapting our target groups, messages and tone in line with the rapid changes we are seeing. We need to manage the situation here and now, while also carrying out long-term work to strengthen Gothenburg as a destination.
  • We are continuing to use Destination Gothenburg’s social media channels to inspire visitors to discover the region online. We are sharing locals’ favourite spots so that our followers can experience Gothenburg digitally.
  • We are sharing ways to explore art, culture and nature online at
  • Göteborg & Co has launched the För ditt Göteborg (“For Your Gothenburg”) campaign to support tourism throughout the Gothenburg region. Ideas and inspiration can be found at and on social media.
  • We are urging everyone to stay updated and to follow the authorities’ recommendations. Those who are healthy and are not in any at-risk group are being encouraged to support local cafés, shops, hotels and restaurants by using home delivery and take-away services.
  • We are also sharing information about gift cards for those who are not comfortable with going out and mixing with others.

Cooperation and collaboration

The conditions for running a business within the tourism industry have undergone fundamental changes, making cooperation more important than ever before. We take our role as a collaborative platform extremely seriously, and we are working hard to provide as much help as we possibly can.

  • Göteborg & Co cooperates closely with tourism industry players in various forums to share information and experiences.
  • Göteborg & Co is working with Business Region Göteborg, the West Sweden Chamber of Commerce and the Swedish Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation to get a clear picture of the situation and how we can best help local businesses within the tourism industry.
  • We are in ongoing contact with the Swedish hospitality sector organisation Visita to compile facts and suggestions for support measures, etc.
  • We are maintaining close dialogue with national and international cities and destinations on current developments, the challenges that the situation involves and the initiatives being taken.
  • We are also in regular contact with the City of Gothenburg’s management.
  • Where possible, we are supporting the authorities with the information they need.