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Category: Tourism

Gothenburg at the top when the world’s sustainable cities are ranked

Meetings · 2021-10-26

Gothenburg is ranked in the top for the fifth time in a row as the most sustainable destination. On Tuesday,…

”They should make a movie about this film festival”

Events · 2021-03-01

This is what journalist Terry McSweeney from American NBC said about the Gothenburg Film Festival. When the Corona Pandemic hit,…

Martin Moses – A Feast for the Eyes

The destination of Gothenburg · 2020-07-03

An otherwise unremarkable door in a workshop next to Gothenburg’s fishing harbour and auction market has attracted many elite chefs.…

A true fisherman’s tale

The destination of Gothenburg · 2020-06-26

We were already doing this in the eleventh century – farming carp on land in combination with growing vegetables. “There’s…

Gothenburg starts the year as Capital of Smart Tourism

The destination of Gothenburg · 2020-02-12

For the whole of 2020 Gothenburg will be “European Capital of Smart Tourism” and will mark the year with a…

“Gothenburg is a great city to run a hotel in.”

Tourism · 2020-01-31

Hotel Royal opened 168 years ago on a street corner near Gothenburg Central Station. Its business concept has always been…