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Category: Gothenburg 400 years 2021

Here is the winning design for Gothenburg’s new cable car over the river

Gothenburg 400 years 2021 · 2018-02-12

The jury has selected the winner of the design competition for stations and towers on Gothenburg’s new cable car route.…

Go Global focus year to be launched during Göteborg Film Festival

Gothenburg 400 years 2021 · 2018-01-24

The Go Global focus year will be launched during the Göteborg Film Festival on Friday 26th of January. The Göteborg…

Göteborg & Co collaborates with Göteborg Film Festival: Hi Jonas Holmberg!

Events · 2017-12-09

Göteborg Film Festival is the largest film festival in the Nordic countries. It was launched in 1979 and offers every…

See the final proposals for the design of Gothenburg’s cable car over the river  

Gothenburg 400 years 2021 · 2017-11-13

In order to provide closer links with outlying districts of the city before the 400th anniversary of Gothenburg, the public…

New Land Art installations

Gothenburg 400 years 2021 · 2017-11-09

 Photo: Markus Holm. As part of the preparations for Gothenburg’s 400th anniversary in 2021 a number of Land Art installations…