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Real life examples

One of the world’s most sustainable hotel cities

Gothenburg has more than 12,600 hotel rooms and 92 per cent of all hotels in Gothenburg are environmentally certified and have third-party certification such as the Nordic Swan ecolabel, Green Key, Swedish Environmental Base diploma, ISO 20121 or ISO 140001. 

The requirements for these certification schemes differ, but one thing they all have in common is that they require the hotels to meet strict environmental and sustainability criteria. For example, eco-labels set criteria for the use of fossil fuels, energy efficiency, waste management, choice of materials and food. 

These labels also require that goals are set and monitored, and that employees receive training. Because ecolabelling is a valuable competitive advantage it provides an additional guarantee that hotels take their sustainability efforts very seriously

Gothenburg Culture Festival sets a sustainable example

Photo: Studiografen

Gothenburg Culture Festival is one of the biggest cultural festivals in the Nordic region and is organised by Göteborg & Co. For six days, the city’s streets and squares are transformed into 52 festival venues offering a variety of cultural experiences. In 2019, visitors could choose from a total of 747 events, all free of charge. Of the 750,000 visitors, 57 per cent were women, 42 per cent men and 1 per cent non-binary.

Also, in 2019 all the officials wore second- hand clothing supplied by Björkå Frihet. The commitment to avoiding disposable products was stronger than ever and the issue of food waste was given special attention. The plates, glasses and cutlery used at the festival were reusable and, as in previous years, visitors could buy food at a discount if they brought their own lunch box along. Those who did not bring a lunch box could get one in return for a refundable deposit, which meant they could be reused. There were also disposable- free zones for food and drink at the festival site.

BonnierHoops – creating social values through events

BonnierHoops Photo: Anders Hjort, BonnierHoops Biskopsgården.

BonnierHoops is a summer holiday project set in the residential area Biskopsgården. Throughout summer, from Monday to Saturday, children and young people take part in various activities such as street basketball, reading books, spoken word competitions and much more. 

In 2019, the event was cited as one of the reasons why crime fell in Biskopsgården by almost 50 per cent in the summer compared to previous years. The project has also helped young people to improve their reading and writing skills, and improved the sense of security and belonging in various associations. 

BonnierHoops was first organised in 2018 and is a joint initiative between Bonnier publishing house, the Swedish Basketball Association, the City of Gothenburg and the Police Department, Göteborg & Co’s Trade & Industry Group, Göteborg Book Fair, Bostadsbolaget, Poseidon, Bo Bra and Västra Hisingen Basketball Association.