Research & Development

As a Destination Management Organisation, Göteborg & Co has been an international forerunner for many years. The company’s strong focus on knowledge and its will to put knowledge into practice has been key to our success. Also, the company’s collaboration with the academia has been essential.

Photo: Superstudio D&D

In 2018, the new department of Research & Development was established. Through this, the company’s roll as a knowledge hub will grow even clearer and we will develop a better structure for our research.

During 2018, several surveys were carried out at large events such as Volvo Ocean Race, Göteborgsvarvet half marathon and Gothenburg Culture Festival including EuroPride. Also, the service at Gothenburg’s two visitor centres was measured. In collaboration with the visitor industry, the department will continue a study aiming at a deeper understanding of the destination’s visitors.

Target groups

Research and development work with the company’s other departments, owners, companies within the same cluster, and partners. Both from the private and public sector and from the academia.

What we do

  • Monitoring of market and trends
  • Gather and make statistics available
  • Make detailed analysis of certain areas
  • Collaborations with the academia – Centre for tourism, University of Gothenburg
  • Perform surveys
  • Contribute to development and innovations
  • Provide knowledge to partners and actors
  • Represent Gothenburg in national and international networks