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Strategic staff

The Strategic Staff department consists of three units: Coordination, sustainability, arts & culture; Analysis & development; as well as IT & purchasing.

Foto: Superstudio D&D

Coordination, Sustainability, Arts & Culture

Coordination, Sustainability, Arts & Culture is the company’s unit for coordination of company-wide issues, cluster issues and collaboration with the municipality and its administration. The unit also handles the strategic sustainability work of the company, the strategic partnership work with Arts & Culture and the process leadership for the Municipality of Gothenburg’s programme for the development of the tourism industry until 2030.

Analysis & Development

Analysis & Development monitors and analyses global developments in the tourism industry in general. The aim of the work is to provide relevant knowledge and make data available to decision-makers and the companies of the industry, as well as stimulate development and innovation through well-founded decision-making data.

IT & Purchasing

The unit supports the company’s business areas, operations, projects and service units in the areas of legal and IT.