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The number of global travellers is rapidly growing and by 2030, nearly two billion international journeys will be made. This growth in travel means new challenges. The media habits of travellers are more varied than ever, making it hard to get a message out through traditional marketing channels.

The new era of tourism rewards fresh thinking and innovation, both when it comes to the actual destination offer and how it is communicated. We have already gone from print to digital, now we’re moving toward a form destination marketing that is mobile, social, authentic and always on.

Photography: Per Pixel Petersson

Gothenburg should be the most talked about destination in Scandinavia.


The destination Gothenburg currently holds a strong position on the Nordic market, but if we are to reach the target of 9 million bed nights in 2030 we need greater growth on markets where today, the destination Gothenburg is relatively unknown. For people to want to visit Gothenburg, the destination has to be well known. And for the destination to become well known, the offer has to be solid. That’s why the Marketing and Communications department focuses on both development and communications.

The department consists of four teams:

  • Themes and seasons contribute, in close cooperation with tourism industry actors, to develop and strengthen the destination offer to increase the number of tourists all throughout the year. Autumn City, Christmas City, and Valentine’s week are examples of seasons led by Göteborg & Co. Bicycle tourism, design- and culinary tourism are examples of themes.
  • International marketing and media-PR work to get people to discover and choose Gothenburg. This is done by international campaigns and public relations efforts relating to media, bloggers and influencers.
  • Inhouse creates communication- and marketing material for the destination, the department and the company, including copy, graphic design, video, photography and web design.
  • Visitor centre operates the tourist information centres to ensure the best possible experience for tourists and visitors on site. They also provide a friendly and helpful response in social media channels. The visitor centres (located in the shopping centre Nordstan and at the square Kungsportsplatsen) are used by nearly half a million visitors annually.
Foto: Peter Kvarnström
Foto: Peter Kvarnström


This enables us to be present through all stages of travel for our visitors.

Target Audience: In the Gothenburg destination brand strategy, the two target audiences “Holiday hedonists” and “Curious travellers” are identified. They are sub-categories of “The global traveller” and based on interests rather than demographic or geographic factors. The destination is looking to grow in neighbouring markets as well as international markets including China and the United States of America.

Core values of the destination: Inspiring, human, pluralistic

Channels: Marketing and Communications use a wide range of channels. and the social media channels connected to are important, but what’s perhaps even more important is what others say about us. In addition to our PR-efforts, campaigns and content creation, we spend a lot of time and effort spreading the word about Gothenburg on other platforms. We know that satisfied visitors are the best ambassadors, and we work hard to make it easy for all visitors to engage in the co-creation of the brand Gothenburg.

A collaborative platform for friends

Travellers are attracted by a city’s wide range of activities and experiences. Gothenburg is very competitive in that area. To harness the power of the combination of city and nature we work together with the Gothenburg Region and Region Västa Götaland across municipal boundaries. Göteborg & Co has ongoing partnerships with several organisations, within the city and the business community, not least Visit Sweden and West Sweden Tourist Board. Together with our friends, we create a collaborative platform for the development of the tourism industry.

The Marketing & Communications department’s objectives are:

  • to produce communication for reasons to travel.
  • to strengthen and develop the destination brand.
  • to be responsible for all destination communication, regardless of platform.
  • to be responsible for international PR relating to the destination.
  • to provide information to visitors through visitor centres and digital channels.
  • to provide support and advice to other departments within the Company.


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