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Gothenburg is a leading event city, and events are important – both for Gothenburg’s popularity as a destination and in building an attractive city over time.

Gothenburg’s success as a city of events relies heavily on our well-developed cultural scene, clubs and associations, the strong Swedish sports movement, well-established partnerships between industry and the public sector, and Gothenburg’s easy access to arenas and hotels within walking distance of the city centre.

Gothenburg hosted Volvo Ocean Race June 14–21 2018. Photo: Dino Soldin

Gothenburg will be northern Europe’s leading city for sustainable events.

City of Events objectives for 2030.


The Events business area has the task of promoting and strengthening Gothenburg as a city of events by strategically developing and facilitating sustainable cultural and sports events. There are three units in the business area: Recruitment and Sales, Event Support and Projects.

Recruitment and Sales positions and markets Gothenburg as a destination by attracting or establishing major national and international music, culture and sports events. This is done in close association with rights owners, organisations or associations.

Event Support assists internal and external organisers and project organisations by providing expertise in event management, development and communication. This unit is also in charge of the Team Göteborg project.

Way Out West, Gothenburg Film Festival, Gothia World Youth Cup, Partille Cup and GöteborgsVarvet half marathon are all examples of successful annual events that are organised independently of Göteborg & Co. These are valuable tools for the development and sustainable growth of the destination, and for positioning Gothenburg in the international market. Event Support contributes to the development of annual events by helping organisers to implement their ideas and/or acting as a sounding board.

Projects deals with events currently being produced by the company.

  • Gothenburg International Science Festival 2020
  • Gothenburg Culture Festival 2020
  • Unimeet Gothenburg 2020

Planning and implementing these events leads to the ongoing development of expertise. Organising successful events also plays an important part in attracting new events. A well-hosted event is a great opportunity to show off the talents of international organisations and associations.

Thorough analysis and evaluation

The Events business area conducts in-depth analysis and has developed a model for event evaluation using various assessment criteria. Based on the results, the business area collaborates extensively with other players over selected initiatives or more extensive projects which lead, for instance, to creating and establishing new event concepts, developing annually recurring events or recruiting events to Gothenburg.

Collaboration in organising events in Gothenburg

Events in the city space help to enrich people’s lives and promote diversity and integration. This business area has used the entire city as an arena for many years, and this has now become one of the strengths of the City of Events. Effective cooperation in the city and a tolerant approach to the use of the city space will enable us to promote the image of Gothenburg as a vibrant and attractive city, with a rich urban life and a wide range of activities. The business area works to facilitate collaboration between stakeholders in Gothenburg and with the city’s authorities and administrations.

A sustainable events city

The Events business area sets high ambitions for sustainability – socially, environmentally and economically. The awarding of environmental diplomas to events is an important tool for promoting sustainability. We strive to minimise any negative impact from events on people and the environment, to make a positive contribution to society, stakeholders and the local economy, and to create lasting positive effects locally and regionally.

Event organiser? Here you will find more information on our sustainability work from an event perspective.

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