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Strategic staff

The Strategic staff has a supporting function at Göteborg & Co. The department consists of three units; Analysis & development, coordination & sustainability and IT & purchasing.

The staff cooperates closely with the management of the company, the departments, partners in the tourism industry, organisers, academia and the administrative companies in the municipality. The units in the Strategic staff are responsible and participates in a number of strategic projects and assignments. With their work, the staff strengthens the strategic competitiveness of the destination.

Lars Isacson, Director Strategic Staff
+46 31 368 40 09

Ulrica Ramstedt, Business development, strategy and communication
+46 703 84 96 00

Coordination & Sustainability

Åsa Borvén, Strategic process leader
+46 31 368 40 91

The Municipality of Gothenburg’s programme for the development of the tourism industry until 2030.

Jesper Pamp, Director of strategic planning
+46 31 368 40 22

Coordinator in cluster and management issues.

Katarina Thorstensson, Head of Sustainability

Contact European Capital of Smart Tourism and the destination’s work with the Global Destination Sustainability Index.

Louise Ekstedt Lindblad, Administrator

Administrator and support to the Director of Strategic Planning.

Tasso Stafilidis,

Analysis & Development

Bernadett Pakucs, Analyst

Katharina Åkesson, Analyst

Mats Wiberg, Analyst
+46 709 85 92 01

Niklas Masuch, Project leader
+46 736 66 09 62

The destination’s digital knowledge platform.

Ossian Stiernstrand, Analyst

IT & Purchasing

Anders Fahl, Head of ICT / Webmaster
+46 31 368 41 27

Monika Stradner, Purchasing and contract specialist