Latest update about covid-19 and Gothenburg as a destination

Published by Charlott Holmåker 17 March, 2020 in Destination, Events, Meetings, Tourism, Uncategorised.

Due to the global coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, international travel is now close to non-existent. Large public events and meetings are being cancelled or postponed. The conditions for businesses in the tourism industry have completely changed and Göteborg & Co has a more important role now than ever to act as a platform for collaboration. We are actively taking on a leading role in the destination’s development. That means close contact with small and large actors to find innovative solutions that can benefit everyone in the long run.

Business Region Göteborg are bringing in extra support for the region’s companies and are continuously working to adapt advice and other forms of support to match the needs that exist – check their website for more information.
The Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth are responsible for information regarding short-term working.

Göteborg & Co is a municipal company in the City of Gothenburg and we are following their advice and guidelines. Due to the current situation, we are in close contact with the municipal government and reconciliations take place regularly. We also provide Swedish authorities with required information wherever possible and collaborate closely with actors in the tourism industry to share information and experiences.

Due to the current situation, many events have been cancelled and other tourist attractions are affected as well. Since the situation is changing constantly, we kindly ask you to check the websites of event organisers and attractions directly.

The event closest in time organised by Göteborg & Co is The International Science Festival in Gothenburg, which will not be executed as planned on April 20–29. If the situation stabilises, we hope to be able to hold the festival later this autumn. This means a smaller festival but as full of joy and knowledge as per usual.

At you will find updated information from Swedish authorities about the coronavirus (COVID-19). You can also call the national information number in case of accidents and crises, 113 13.