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Record number of JA companies in 2019

2,921 high school students run JA companies in the Gothenburg region. Photo: Junior Achievement.

The 2019/2020 academic year beats all records. Marking an increase of seven percent over the previous year, 33,706 high school students will run a Junior Achievement company this year, 2,921 of which are based in the Gothenburg region, where 807 JA companies were set up.

Gothenburg has a total of 46 JA schools, of which Polhem high school on Lindholmen leads the way, with over 200 JA students. The students who run JA companies come from many different vocational programmes, with the majority studying economics, technology and commerce. During the year there was also a rise in the number of students from the social science and electrical and energy programmes.

Since the start, in 1980, more than 450,000 students have run their own JA companies.

On 2 March there will be a big JA exhibition and JA companies will have a chance to exhibit at the Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre to present and sell their products and services. This is an opportunity not to be missed!