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For the second year in a row a range of activities were organised in the district of Biskopsgården as part of the BonnierHoops initiative. Hundreds of children and young people took part in many different activities, including street basketball, reading in the book lounge, a poetry workshop, handicrafts and much more. Apart from the success of these activities the project is also believed to have contributed to a reduction in reported crime in the area.

Photo: BonnierHoops.

 “It’s a good place and there are nice people here. Everyone comes from different nationalities, so I think it’s great that we enjoy being together here. It creates a strong sense of community!” said Abbe, age 14, who lives in Biskopsgården.

The successful project combines basketball and cultural activities that aim to promote interest in reading and language, as well as giving children and young people a safe place to meet. Recent police statistics comparing annual crime figures for the district show a clear downward trend, starting in the year when BonnierHoops was first held.

The figures for certain types of crime dropped dramatically in Biskopsgården during the summer, and the number of reports has fallen. So we are pleased to report that the project has clearly had a positive impact in this area. Even though we can’t rule out the possibility that other initiatives in the area have also contributed to the improvement, this is clear evidence that outreach activities for children and young people in vulnerable areas are important. It also gives members of the police an opportunity to meet young people and build trust and long-term relationships,” said Daniel Johnsson, municipal police officer for Västra Hisingen.

The organisers hope to continue the project next year.

The positive results of this year’s BonnierHoops initiative were reported in several media outlets. Read more here (in Swedish):


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