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Welcome back to Gothenburg Convention Bureau Ulrika Scoliège

After having lived and worked for an extended period in Germany and New Zealand, Ulrika Scoliège has been back at the Gothenburg Convention Bureau since November. She will work to attract more scientific meetings to Gothenburg.

Ulrika Scoliège – familiar face at Gothenburg Convention Bureau. Photo: Peter Kvarnström/Göteborg & Co.

“It’s incredibly fun to have the opportunity to return to my old workplace and see so many familiar faces, as well as many new ones. While I was gone, I experienced that international awareness of Gothenburg as a city of meetings has increased and the industry has become more professional. For example, international organisations engage in procurement to a greater extent than previously, using a Core Professional Congress Organiser (Core PCO) who has been arranging meetings for the organisation for a number of years. Considerable effort has been dedicated to creating relationships with organisers and promoting the destination. Consequently, we now have the opportunity to focus more strongly on trying to bring major international meetings to Gothenburg. Once a decision-maker becomes aware of our city, with meeting facilities in the middle of town and walking distance to almost everything, they often realise the advantages of holding their meeting here.

“Much has happened during the years I’ve been gone. However, the fact remains that without strong local support from brilliant local researchers, cutting edge industry and politicians who recognise the value of meetings, our work would have been impossible. What I think is the most fun part about this job is the collaboration that characterises the work, and the opportunity to be involved with meeting ambassadors and the local meeting industries in an international environment.

Since Ulrika last worked at Göteborg & Co she has worked with globalisation of education on both a national and local level.

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