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Fairs that creates jobs

Young people, regardless of the circumstances, got work opportunities. The result of the fair Skarpt Läge shows that 76 of the 143 jobs that were generated still have their jobs. And 32 young people left the industry fair “At your service” with a job in their hands.

Foto: Fredrik Karlsson/Skarpt Läge

– Through hard work and good collaborations, Skarpt Läge has generated and matched a great number of job opportunities for young adults, both during autumn and earlier years. Skapt Läge is inclusivity and long-term provision of skills at its best, says Christian Westerberg, Project manager at Göteborg & Co Trade and Industry Group.

The association Skarpt Läge, organized the “Job Fair Skarpt Läge” in February and the industry fair “At your service” in September and both presented great results. The target audience, young people between the ages of 18 and 30, was given the opportunity to meet major companies like Liseberg, Gothia Towers and Mac Donalds. A total of 44 percent still have their jobs, generated from the fair in February and 32 people, were employed during the only 3-hour long industry fair “At your service” in September.

The association looks bright on the future, focusing on young people getting jobs, regardless of their backgrounds. Their function is to act as a bridge between organizations and young people, increase networks, and work together to guide young adults finding the right employment.

The fair is built on a partnership between the Trade & Industry Group at Göteborg & Co, Team Göteborg, Radisson Blu Scandinavia hotels, the Swedish Public Employment Service, Visita and the association Skarpt Läge. Despite the fantastic results this is just the start. It is hoped that Skarpt Läge will not only be the best jobs fair for young people in Gothenburg, but that it will become the best platform for young people to gain entry to the employment market in Sweden.