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  • Lebanese pop icon Nancy Ajram to perform at Gothenburg Culture Festival

Lebanese pop icon Nancy Ajram to perform at Gothenburg Culture Festival

It has now been confirmed that Lebanese superstar Nancy Ajram will perform in Götaplatsen square at Gothenburg Culture Festival on 17 August. 34-year-old Nancy, whose singing career began 20 years ago, is one of the biggest stars in the Arab music world.

“It feels absolutely fantastic that we will finally see such a pop icon at Gothenburg Culture Festival this summer. I’m looking forward to an unforgettable evening for all our visitors,” says Tasso Stafilidis, General Manager for Gothenburg Culture Festival at Göteborg & Co.

This will be the fourth year in a row that a top Arab performer has appeared at Gothenburg Culture Festival, reflecting a strong and targeted cultural initiative.

“I am so proud that our bookings are helping to spark visitors’ interest in culture, as well as offering terrific Arab pop performances. We have succeeded in making people feel a stronger sense of belonging in our community. This is what integration is really about,” says Tasso Stafilidis.

Nancy Ajram comes from Lebanon and has been called the Britney Spears of the Middle East. She began her career as a child and released her first studio album at the age of just 15. A further eight albums have been released since then. Nancy Ajram has won a string of international and regional awards and served as a judge on Arab Idol.

Top Arab world performers who have appeared at previous Gothenburg Culture Festivals include Elissa, Najwa Karam and Nawal El Zoghbi.

The concert by Nancy Ajram is being funded outside the regular budget of Gothenburg Culture Festival and has been made possible thanks to support from Västra Götaland Cultural Affairs Committee and the Trade & Industry Group at Göteborg & Co.. Like all the other events at Gothenburg Culture Festival the concert by Nancy Ajram is free and open to everyone.

The 2018 Gothenburg Culture Festival and EuroPride 2018 will both take place on 14–19 August and the programme content and event spaces will be coordinated in central Gothenburg.