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Meet the new chairman of the Trade & Industry Group, Jibril Jallow

Jibril Jallow, Malin Engelbrecht and Lennart Johansson. Photo: Göteborg & Co/ Pauline Pontois

After five years as chairman of the Trade & Industry Group, Malin Engelbrecht is handing over the baton to Jibril Jallow, Regional Director at SEB, one of Sweden’s largest banks. Hello Jibril!

Hello Jibril! Tell us about yourself

I am Deputy Regional Director of SEB, and after moving to Gothenburg two years ago I already feel at home in the city. I’m an inquisitive person who is thirsty for insight and is constantly learning from fresh encounters and people.

What are your aims in this role?

First, I want to build on the unique and very special tradition of collaboration between trade & industry, academia and the city.

Second, I want to build on the strength that exists in the Trade & Industry Group and combine this with the individual strengths and unique skills of our members.

It is also important to further develop what we can contribute as a group, aside from monetary support. There is so much expertise within each organisation that we can use even more effectively to make an even bigger difference in the Gothenburg region together.

What do you think should be the main focus of development in Gothenburg right now?

The most important thing is to make the city even more attractive as a place to live, work, study, visit and develop in. This is the absolute priority; people need to feel a sense of belonging and community as residents, in just the same way as our companies do in the Trade & Industry Group.