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A summer with the Trade and Industry Group

Foto: Paula Fröseth
Photo: Paula Fröseth

During the summer 2017, Göteborg & Co Trade and Industry Group contributed to the cultural life of Gothenburg in different ways. The Group supported the concert of the Lebanese artist Nawal El Zoghbi during Gothenburg Culture Festival, but was also involved in other cultural activities and performances in several districts of the city.

A recurring theme this year was “culture and youth”. The project Kultur 4ür Göteborg aims to work for a strong and fair cultural life in the city and fight youth segregation. Participants who were between 14 and 20 years old got the opportunity to perform on different stages. The festival was organized between June 14-21st and spread in seven districts of the city. In total, the festival gathered 5.000 people in the audience. ”The event has been very successful. The business evolved so much that similar projects started to grow in the region.” said Kalle Karlsson, the project leader for Kultur 4ür Göteborg.

As part of the project Creative Places in Biskopsgården, the organization MEETING PLAYS conducted the show “Summer Theater Biskopsgården”. 14 participants, all of them from the district Biskopsgården and who had just graduated from 9th grade, created and performed a theater performance with the help of professional artists. They wrote their own texts and music as they reflected on the theme “money”. Thanks to this project, most of the young participants got the chance to perform live for the first time.

A hiphop festival arranged by the association GBG HipHop took place on August 17th in Röda Sten. The festival invited the audience to experience hiphop culture as a whole with music, competitions, workshops, art and performances. 30 artists and about 500 visitors participated to this successful event. “We are very pleased with the event and with the fact that we managed to get many associations and organizations involved in the festival,” said Robinson Rivera, project manager for the GBG HipHop Festival.