Trade and Industry Group

The Trade & Industry Group (TIG) helps to develop Gothenburg into one of the most welcoming and attractive metropolitan regions in Europe to live in, work in and visit. The role of Göteborg & Co’s Trade & Industry Group is to serve as a platform for collaboration between trade & industry, organisations, municipalities, universities and colleges, in their efforts to make Gothenburg even more competitive and attractive.

How the Trade & Industry Group operates

The Trade & Industry Group works on projects, targeted initiatives and business intelligence in three main areas: trade & industry, knowledge and events & culture.


TIG has members from 27 companies and organisations.


A project can entail several levels of involvement. TIG is involved in setting up a variety of projects and sometimes also has a driving role during the initial stage. TIG sits on the steering committees of many projects and has more of an advisory role in this situation. TIG also supports a variety of organisations and projects that apply for support in the three main areas. This can entail both financial support and advice, and is primarily given to projects in the start-up or development phase. Read more about project support below.

Targeted initiatives

These can include surveys and analyses in relevant areas of interest that are conducted on behalf of TIG. They may also involve strategic financing to improve the attractiveness of Gothenburg in the key areas of trade & industry, knowledge and events & culture.

Business intelligence

The members of TIG provide a large proportion of business intelligence in their own specialist areas, but this is also an important part of the administrative office’s duties. There are regular discussions about which areas and types of project should be prioritised now and in the future.

Project support

The Trade & Industry Group provides support on projects in the start-up and development phase in the three main areas of trade & industry, knowledge and events & culture. Support can take the form of finance and/or advice. You can apply for support from the Trade & Industry Group by filling in the PDF, “Application for project support” and emailing it to Contact the relevant business area representative if you have questions or would like more information.

Application for project support

Don’t forget to save the form on your computer before you start filling it in. You must have Adobe Reader version 8 or later.

Application for project support

Examples of initiatives

Since it was set up 25 years ago the Trade & Industry Group has invested over SEK 100 million in various projects. Listed below are some of the current and past initiatives supported by TIG.

Young Enterprise – the Trade & Industry Group believes it is very important that young people learn about and gain an understanding of entrepreneurship and enterprise. TIG therefore supports Young Enterprise, which promotes exchanges between schools and industry by enabling young people to set up, run and wind down companies during a high-school academic year.

International Science Festival – the Trade & Industry Group is one of the founders of the International Science Festival that takes place in Gothenburg each year. The festival is an important platform for reaching out and inspiring interest in research and science subjects, as well as creating meeting places for schools, the public and the research community.

Gothenburg Company Prize – each year the Trade & Industry Group awards the Gothenburg Company Prize to successful companies that are run and developed in the Gothenburg region. This is done to inspire enterprise and showcase the innovative and creative side of Gothenburg. The Gothenburg Company Prize is not a prize for growth, but focuses instead on a broader range of features that are felt to reflect good enterprise. The assessment criteria include creativity, entrepreneurial spirit, innovation, collaboration, sustainability and healthy finances. Since it was established in 1994 the Gothenburg Company Prize has been awarded to around 60 companies.

Student Gothenburg – initiated by TIG in 2006 this has developed into a massive fresher programme for new students who will be studying at Chalmers University of Technology or the University of Gothenburg. This project is run in partnership with Gothenburg Association of Student Unions, Chalmers and the University of Gothenburg.

Gothenburg Culture Festival – members of TIG see Gothenburg Culture Festival as an important event for highlighting and enhancing the diverse range of culture in the city. TIG was one of the founders of the forerunner of Gothenburg Culture Festival – Gothenburg City Festival.

Göteborg City Shopping – a project that aims to make the city more attractive as a shopping destination.

Gothenburg Startup – an interactive map that represents Gothenburg’s entrepreneurial ecosystem and links together people involved in Gothenburg’s start-up scene. The project supports collaboration between start-ups, consultants, incubators, public stakeholders, etc. As well as putting start-ups or organisations on the map, it enables events to be publicised and job opportunities to be advertised, so that businesses can attract fresh talent. Users can generate content themselves and update the information that is linked to the map. The tool can be used free of charge. Read more at: