The aim of the Private Tourism business area at Göteborg & Co is to make Gothenburg an even more attractive destination for private travellers. Offering new reasons to travel, encouraging people to visit all year round and making visitors feel welcome are important elements of this work, the main aim of which is to create business for the visitor industry and contribute to sustainable growth.


Ease of access between the city and nature is a strong competitive advantage for Gothenburg. Photography: Beatrice Törnros

Gothenburg will be one of Europe’s most innovative and sustainable destinations, by offering a unique combination of city and countryside.

City of Tourism objectives for 2021.

New reasons to travel and visit all year round

As competition for visitors grows there is a strong need to develop new experience-based reasons for travel that can extend the tourist season. For example, the Gothenburg Christmas City concept was originally developed to attract visitors at a time of the year when hotels had considerably more vacancies than today. Eleven years after its launch, in 2014, Gothenburg Christmas City has become an annual success that attracts large numbers of guests to our city.

In much the same way, the Private Tourism business area works with stakeholders in the visitor industry on similar initiatives, such as Gothenburg Autumn City, Go to Sea, Gothenburg Archipelago, cycling tourism and tourism from China. Through collaboration and careful packaging, development and marketing, these areas can become much more valuable to the visitor industry.

Foto: Daniel Breeze
Foto: Daniel Breeze


Cycling tourism

Cycling tourism currently makes up a small proportion of overall tourism, but is one of the fastest growing tourism sectors in Europe. To develop Gothenburg as a cycling city from the visitor industry perspective, Göteborg & Co has the task of investigating possibilities and opportunities for developing and marketing cycling tourism. Cycling tourism also fits in very well with our ambitions to develop sustainable tourism – socially, ecologically and economically. The goal is to develop Gothenburg as a hub for cycling tourism in Scandinavia.

Gothenburg Archipelago

Gothenburg’s southern and northern archipelagos have become a new destination – the Gothenburg Archipelago. The Gothenburg Archipelago project is a joint initiative between the district of Västra Göteborg and the municipality of Öckerö, supported by Göteborg & Co. The archipelago already attracts many national and international visitors, but the goal is to attract even more.

Chinavia – building our knowledge of the Chinese market

Since 2011, Göteborg & Co has been an active partner in the Chinavia project, a collaborative project with stakeholders in the Scandinavian travel and tourism industry (including Wonderful Copenhagen and the West Sweden Tourist Board). This project aims to make the industry more “China-Ready”, since the number of guests nights spent by Chinese visitors continues to grow (+35% in the Gothenburg region in 2014). The emphasis is on greater knowledge and understanding of Chinese customers, their culture and cultural differences, and what Chinese visitors want and appreciate most. Read more about Chinavia here.

Shopping is an important attraction

Foreign tourists spend on average half their holiday budget on shopping, and since the year 2000 retail tourism in Sweden has grown by around 11 times the turnover of Nordstan shopping centre. Trade is a driving force for the Swedish economy and for the visitor industry. Trade is growing in Gothenburg, and the Private Tourism business area is working with partners in the industry to ensure continued growth. This includes organising co-ordinated marketing initiatives.

Greater collaboration in the city and within the region

Travellers value the opportunity to combine the attractions of the big city with experiences in nature. This is an area where Gothenburg, thanks to its favourable location, can compete well in the future. But to achieve full impact the city and the region must collaborate across municipal boundaries.

To fully exploit the collective appeal of the region, the Private Tourism business area has partnership agreements with Visit Sweden and the West Sweden Tourist Board. The City of Tourism is also committed to closer collaboration with the Gothenburg region on business development, communication and accessibility. Improving the platform that provides the basis for collaboration between Göteborg & Co and private stakeholders is also a priority.


City of Tourism, City of Meetings and City of Events make each other stronger

Meetings and events serve as a global showcase for the destination. The City of Tourism therefore offers service and special offers to meeting and event visitors to ensure that their experience of Gothenburg is as enjoyable as possible, and to encourage them to come back on business or as tourists. The form of collaboration between the company’s business areas enhances the overall appeal of the destination.