Gothenburg is a leading event city, and events are important for both Gothenburg’s popularity as a destination and for our long-term brand-building efforts. They also revitalise cultural and sporting events and enrich the existence of residents and social communities.

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Gothenburg will be northern Europe’s leading city for sustainable events.

City of Events objectives for 2021.

Gothenburg’s success as a city of events relies heavily on our well-developed cultural scene, active societies, strong Swedish sports movement, well-established partnerships between industry and the public sector, and Gothenburg’s easy access to arenas and hotels within walking distance of the city centre.

Attracting, developing and hosting events

The task of the Events business area is to attract, develop and host selected events, to make Gothenburg more competitive and build expertise in this area. This work will also help to realise ideas and development projects that benefit the city and organisers. The Events business area consists of two units; the first focuses on attracting events and the second on implementing selected events.

Thorough analysis and evaluation

Events that could be brought to the city or have the potential to become annual events are thoroughly analysed. Göteborg & Co has developed a model for event evaluation that looks at various assessment criteria. This provides the basis for broad consultation and event recruitment efforts that identify a large number of candidate events each year.

Attractive range of events for everyone

The aim is that this work should lead to a broad mix of events for people of all ages, genders and cultural backgrounds. Diverse sports, culture and entertainment provide the essential foundation for events in cities such as Gothenburg. Without this foundation it would not be possible to build up to world-class events. Such events in turn stimulate development of our foundation. World-class events with a high international profile turn international attention on our destination, generating growth and encouraging investment by trade and industry. Just as importantly, world-class events generate pride among the people of Gothenburg.

Annual events

Way Out West, P3 Gold music awards, Gothia World Youth Cup, Partille Cup and GöteborgsVarvet half marathon are all examples of successful annual events that are organised independently of Göteborg & Co. These are valuable tools for the development and sustainable growth of the destination – not least from the social perspective. The business area contributes to the development of these events by helping organisers to implement their ideas and/or acting as a sounding board.

Effective hosting attracts more events

Göteborg & Co has the task of managing and ensuring the quality of a string of annual events. These events have clear objectives: to develop reasons to visit the city, to develop meeting places for residents of Gothenburg and their guests, and to strengthen Gothenburg as a city of knowledge. Each year the company also provides project management for a number of international events, such as the Volvo Ocean Race and Euroskills. Planning and implementing annual events leads to the ongoing development of expertise that is valuable when organising international events. Organising successful events also plays an important part in attracting new events. A well-hosted event is a great opportunity to show off the talents of international organisations and associations.

Annual events organised by Göteborg & Co:

• Gothenburg Culture Festival
• Gothenburg Christmas City
• International Science Festival
• Gothenburg Award for Sustainable Development
• Student Göteborg

Future events to be organised by Göteborg & Co:


• Gothenburg Green World
• Euroskills
• European Handball Championships


FEI European Equestrian Championships 2017


Volvo Ocean Race


European  Men’s Handball Championships

The city as an arena

Events in the city space help to enrich people’s lives, but also promote diversity and integration. Göteborg & Co has used the entire city as an arena for many years, and this has now become one of the strengths of the City of Events. Effective cooperation in the city and a tolerant approach to the use of the city space will enable us to promote the image of Gothenburg as a vibrant and attractive city, with a rich urban life and a wide range of activities. The business area builds on collaboration between stakeholders in the city and promotes co-operation with the city’s authorities and administrations.