The Go-Concept

The go: concept is a communication platform that builds on the destination’s go: brand by using supporting messages. A licence is required to use the go: concept.
The strength of the concept is that everyone can be part of it, and that it can support many different messages. It simply allows us to create a powerful image of Gothenburg as a destination with a shared identity.

When this platform is used it is vital that we follow the graphic profile for the destination and make it clear that the message comes from Gothenburg.

An example:
As owner of the go: brand we allow you to use the brand by issuing you with a non-exclusive licence. A non-exclusive licence, or sole licence, means that the licence holder has the right to license the brand to other destination stakeholders in the same geographical area.

If you would like to apply for a licence for the go: concept, please contact our Communication Manager, Anna Vieweg,
When you have been given a licence you can log in below to download images with the go: message.