Development of the visitor industry

This page provides a summary of statistics that describe the development of the tourism industry in terms of tourism turnover, effects on employment, guest nights and market shares. These facts allow us to measure the effects of our work and decide where initiatives and investments are needed.

Commercial guest nights are one of the few available internationally comparable key ratios that enable us to monitor our development.

There have never been so many overnight stays at hotels and hostels in Gothenburg. The number of commercial guest nights in 2017 totalled 4,780,000 and we continue to see strong growth in our priority markets; i.e. Norway, UK, Germany and Denmark. The number of visitors from the UK alone has increased by 30 per cent since 2014, while the USA and China has grown by 70 per cent during the same period.

Domestic tourists still make up the largest share of visitors. Norway is by far the largest international market. We have the greatest potential for growth in the international market. In partnership with Visit Sweden and the West Sweden Tourist Board, Göteborg & Co assesses the market and co-ordinates initiatives to achieve maximum impact.

Other foreign markets with great growth potential are the USA and China.

When you look at export value you can see that the visitor industry is great business for Sweden. Apart from generating tax revenue, the visitor industry also creates exceptional employment opportunities. Each newly opened hotel creates many new jobs. Importantly, it creates jobs for young people and those who have been excluded from the employment market.
The visitor industry does not just create jobs and sustainable growth, it also makes the city more attractive. When we choose where to live, work, study or invest, we tend to choose a city we know and associate with positive values. This is an area where the visitor industry plays a big role by making Gothenburg an even better city.

How do tourists spend their money in Sweden?

Leisure and business travellers from Sweden and abroad spend more than SEK 268 billion while travelling in Sweden. The largest share is spent on accommodation and restaurants. Culture and services is the smallest item, but have also risen most since the year 2000.

Source: Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth/Statistics Sweden