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Young people, regardless of the circumstances, got work opportunities. The result of the fair Skarpt Läge shows that 76 of the 143 jobs that were generated still have their jobs. And 32 young people left the industry fair “At your service” with a job in their hands.

Foto: Fredrik Karlsson/Skarpt Läge

– Through hard work and good collaborations, Skarpt Läge has generated and matched a great number of job opportunities for young adults, both during autumn and earlier years. Skapt Läge is inclusivity and long-term provision of skills at its best, says Christian Westerberg, Project manager at Göteborg & Co Trade and Industry Group.

The association Skarpt Läge, organized the “Job Fair Skarpt Läge” in February and the industry fair “At your service” in September and both presented great results. The target audience, young people between the ages of 18 and 30, was given the opportunity to meet major companies like Liseberg, Gothia Towers and Mac Donalds. A total of 44 percent still have their jobs, generated from the fair in February and 32 people, were employed during the only 3-hour long industry fair “At your service” in September.

The association looks bright on the future, focusing on young people getting jobs, regardless of their backgrounds. Their function is to act as a bridge between organizations and young people, increase networks, and work together to guide young adults finding the right employment.

The fair is built on a partnership between the Trade & Industry Group at Göteborg & Co, Team Göteborg, Radisson Blu Scandinavia hotels, the Swedish Public Employment Service, Visita and the association Skarpt Läge. Despite the fantastic results this is just the start. It is hoped that Skarpt Läge will not only be the best jobs fair for young people in Gothenburg, but that it will become the best platform for young people to gain entry to the employment market in Sweden.



Gothenburg Design Festival starts today and will carry on until the 27th of October. It is organized by HDK – the Academy of Design and Crafts at the University of Gothenburg. The theme “openness” in design, form, architecture and arts and crafts will be discussed and analyzed trough exhibitions, shows and events arranged by teachers, researchers, students and design and crafts practitioners all around the city.

Photo: HDK – the Academy of Design and Crafts at the University of Gothenburg

Gothenburg Design Festival is an open platform for collaborative learning that uses artistic processes to reflect upon and experiment with design as an agent of change in the creation of socially sustainable futures. It explores new ideas for learning, work and social equality.

Participants are welcome to listen, talk to and conduct experiments with students, teachers as well as national and international practitioners to see how design can be essential in creating a socially sustainable future.

The festival organizes different workshops and seminars during the entire week in several places in Gothenburg. The audience can for example create physical representations of the internet or build models in small scales. The cultural center Blå Stället will reflect upon how textiles can be perceived and used in architecture. The need to reintroduce the human perspective in public discussions, as well as diversity in artistic education will also be discussed during the week. Everyone can even discover the graduation work of HDK’s master’s students or artworks created by newly graduated creators that are auctioned at Göteborgs Auktionsverk.

All the activities under the Gothenburg Design Festival are free of charges. See the full program at:

The festival is organized by HDK – Academy of Design and Crafts, University of Gothenburg – in collaboration with, among others, the cultural center Blå Stället, Kultur i Väst, Chalmers Architecture, Röhsska museum for Design and Crafts, Lindholmen Science Park, ICIA – Institute for Contemporary Ideas and Art, IASPIS, Public Art Agency Sweden, City of Gothenburg among others. The festival is carried out with the economic support of the Trade and Industry Group at Göteborg & Co.

Program Gothenburg Design Festival 2018

On October 11th, for the first time during the High School Days (Gymnasiedagarna) and Future Skills, a parent meeting was held in Arabic. The Trade and Industry Group that works with inclusion supported this pilot initiative.

Photo: Frida Rudebo/Göteborgsregionen

During three full days, 9th to 11th of October, more than 33 000 visitors gathered at the High School Days (Gymnasiedagarna) and Future Skills at the Swedish Exhibition and Congress Centre. This is an annual information and guidance fair organized by the region of Gothenburg, and the main meeting place for future high school students, education organizers and representatives of working.

In addition to lectures and activities, five information meetings for parents were held, among which one in Arabic. On the 11th of October, participants gathered around the Swedish Exhibition and Congress Centre’s main stage for more information about various school programs in the region of Gothenburg as well as a picture of the Swedish labor market, all in Arabic. Many questions were asked to the speakers Mohammed Megdad from the Swedish Public Employment Service and Maha Hannouneh, Student Supervisor from Mölndal City. This initiative aims to reach an important target group that has not previously taken part in the High School Day because of the language barrier.

Other activities were also organized on this same day, mostly for adult sfi-students and newly arrived in Sweden. In addition, anyone who needed a language support could get help from a guide during their visit.

“Such meetings are important,” says Bouchra Hamdi. She attends the fair with the sfi-student Ahmed Alaa.

“I was interested in the presentation of the Swedish Public Employment Service and I am very pleased with the information I received. I think more meetings should be arranged in Arabic.” She adds.

The High School Days (Gymnasiedagarna) fair is organized by the region of Gothenburg (GR). Future Skills is a collaboration between GR, Business Region Gothenburg, Västra Götaland Region, The Trade and Industry Group at Göteborg & Co and the Swedish Public Employment Services. More information at

The association Skarpt Läge organized the job fair “At your service” on Friday 28th of September; a meeting place for jobseekers and employers within the tourism industry. During three hours, 754 job seekers came to the hotel Scandic Crown to meet with employers such as Liseberg, Scandic hotel, Casino Cosmopol.

Photo: Fredrik Karlsson/Association Skarpt Läge

The concept is simple: the 20 employers who exhibit at Scandic Crown are all connected to the tourism industry and offer over 150 jobs in hotels, restaurants, tourism and trade. Everyone has something to offer in terms of work, study or internship.

“What’s unique with Skarpt Läge is the simplicity. It is easy for companies to participate and for job seekers to meet employers with different recruitment needs all in the same place. But above all, a thorough follow-up and supervision of both participants and exhibitors is made and reported six weeks later” says Lotta Forsberg, one of the project leaders since Skarpt Läge started in 2014.

In 2018 the job fair Skarpt Läge resulted in 143 jobs. The follow-up that was done six months later showed that 60% of those who got a job were still working. The previous job fairs that the association Skarpt Läge organized over the past three years have resulted in 3 000 visitors and over 600 jobs.

At your Service job fair is based on a collaboration between the Trade and Industry Group at Göteborg & Co, Visita, Scandic, the Swedish Public Employment Service (Arbetsförmedlingen) and the association Skarpt Läge.

After three years of successful integration work at Kista square in Stockholm, the summer project Bonnier Hoops was exported to Gothenburg. Throughout the summer holidays, free activities were arranged for young people living in Biskopsgården area in collaboration with associations, the city of Gothenburg and blue light and emergency organisations. Bonnier Hoops project will round up and finish at the Göteborg Book Fair 27th-30th of September.

Photo: Hisingen by Day

A street basket court, a library tent and a reading corner were mounted in Svarte Mossen, Biskopsgården, in early June, and remained there throughout the whole summer vacation. Bonnier Hoops welcomed every day between 80 and 150 young people to many activities that featured both basketball and reading.

Basketball tournaments, rap workshop, grilling and reading were part of the program offered to the kids and teenagers. The area was manned from Monday to Saturday throughout the entire summer (17th of June-12nd of August) thanks to a collaboration between the publisher Bonnier, various associations, blue light and emergency organisations, and the Trade and Industry Group at Göteborg & Co.

Bonnier Hoops will round up and finish for 2018 at the Göteborg Book Fair on 27th-30th of September, where a big street basket court and book lounge will take place in the middle of the fair. A variety of events will also be organised such as basketball tournaments, workshops and final round of this year’s poetry slam.

Magasin Göteborg was distributed for the seventh time in a row as a supplement to the trade journal Dagens Industri on the 16th of May 2018. The magazine reached about 210,000 readers this year and has had very good results in the reading survey. It is one of Dagens Industri’s most read supplements.

“Stories from the City with Attitude” was the theme of this year’s magazine. Brave and innovative entrepreneurs, researchers and innovators who truly believe in their project and in their city are lifted in the magazine, showing the diversity of companies located in Gothenburg and its region.

A reading survey based on 300 interviews with different age groups shows that Magasin Göteborg has a long reading time, over nine minutes, evenly distributed throughout the magazine. It is a popular product with satisfied readers who appreciate the news value. This year, the magazine has also reached a younger group up to 34 years. Compared with similar products, the reading value is high for Magasin Göteborg, which is still one of Dagens Industri’s most read supplements.

Read Magasin Göteborg online here (in Swedish only) and give us your feedback at #magasinGBG

Magasin Göteborg 2018

The project “Good Job”, created by Passalen in early 2018, got a new boost this summer with its new job model for young people with disabilities. It is about having a young leader who follows and supports employees during work. After a very successful test period and satisfied employers, the project will continue in the autumn.

The” Good job employee” Erica takes care of the kids’ area at Ica Nära Nya Varvet. Photo: Åza Rydberg.

Good job is for young people with disabilities who want an extra or summer job. The project started in January and an app where you can apply for a job was launched in late June. Thanks to the app, the target group can apply for extra jobs advertised by employers.

During the summer of 2018, Passalen tested the possibility of creating summer jobs for young people with disabilities. The work model is based on having a young leader from Passalen helping the employee in the work tasks. In this way, he/she can work with a support and the employer gets a mentor in place.

Four employers, including ICA Near Nya Varvet and the Election Authority, chose to join the concept and offered summer jobs to five people. Three young leaders employed by Passalen supported Good job employees at workplaces.

The work model was successful and received good feedback from the employers. The Good job employee Ahmad even got a new employment at the Election Authority right after his extra job.

“I would like to thank Good Job for the opportunity you created for me! After the job I got a call from Sofia from the Election Authority who asked me if I wanted to come and help them with ballots sorting. I’m so grateful and glad you chose me, “said Ahmad, Good job employee at the Election Authority.

Good job employee Ahmad prepares the elections at the Election Authority. Photo: Åza Rydberg

“Being able to help those who stand far from the work market to get a foot into working life is a benefit to me. If we were all able to see the strength of people with disabilities instead of thinking that they have reduced capabilities, we would soon be able to reach a more inclusive and equal society” says Åza Rydberg, Project Manager for Good Job at Passalen.

The Trade and Industry group at Göteborg & Co supported the project by enabling young leaders to work with Good job employees during their extra job.

Following a successful project in 2017, the art & theatre association Meeting Plays is back with a new summer theatre in Biskopsgården. Together with professional stage performers and youth leaders, young people from Biskopsgården and Torslanda produce and perform a unique show. “Hej Blå” street theatre has now performed in a variety of locations in Biskopsgården. The Trade & Industry Group at Göteborg & Co, which supported the project, attended one of the performances.

Photo: Göteborg & Co

On a warm, sunny afternoon around 80 children from nearby pre-schools and housing estates gathered in the area where the mobile arts centre, a blue caravan, had parked up for the day. They had come to watch a performance of the new theatre adventure “Hej Blå”, produced by 15-year-olds from Biskopsgården as part of a summer project. The young performers, who had recently finished their last year at school, had been working for six hours a day, alongside professional stage performers to write, rehearse, and perform the show during a tour of Norra Hisingen.

“Last year the youngsters performed in front of an audience of the same age, but this year they wanted to do something different. We changed it so that the group performs a show aimed at younger children from pre-schools and nearby housing estates. This makes it much more fun for them and they learn different forms of street theatre, in which you never know how the audience will react!” say Åsa Janson and Anna Leyman, both project leaders for Meeting Plays.

After a greeting by the “Raspberry Princess” we see movement in the caravan. A group of strange characters all dressed in blue, with masks and painted faces, emerges from the little caravan. These are the aliens. Their spaceship has crashed on Earth and the group is trying to communicate with us as best they can. Thanks to a combination of tricks, dance and music the aliens succeed in communicating with the clearly impressed children in the audience, who welcome the blue group with big smiles.

In an adventure lasting 30 minutes, during which hardly a word is spoken, the children learn to welcome those who look different – people who may look weird at first but turn out to be really nice and interesting when you make an effort to communicate with each other.

The project collaborated even with another summer holiday initiative called Bonnier Hoops, which is also aimed at children in Norra Biskopsgården, where the theatre group had the opportunity to present their project and play live music.

Admir Lukacevic is the founder and CEO of idrott Utan Gränser. Photo: Crelle Ekstrand

Hello Admir! Tell us more about yourself.

I’m the founder of the organisation Sports without Borders (Idrott Utan Gränser). I came to Sweden as a refugee child in the 1990s and lived in a segregated area. It felt to me as if there were few opportunities and it was easy to head down the wrong path. Sport was my salvation. For 10 years I worked with children and young people and tried to get children to be seen and acknowledged through Sports without Borders. I never imagined that I would leave Landskrona until the day I got a letter from the Royal Palace telling me that I had been nominated for an award as the best leader in the voluntary sector. And out of the hundreds nominated it was me who received the royal award for my work and got to shake hands with the king. In 2014 I was also honoured to be awarded the title of best social entrepreneur.

How has Sports without Borders developed in the 2018 academic year?

Nationally, we saw massive growth of 629 percent! We now reach 26,553 children and young people every week all over Sweden. Things also went very well in Gothenburg. We have managed to reach more schools, and especially girls, as 52 young girls joined us to start playing football. The number of participants in other sports also increased and we have seen much more active participation in general in Gothenburg. Young people come along, try it out, take part and stay. We have also given several young leaders their first full-time job. Most of the leaders are excluded from the labour market in some way, but they are very talented and can relate to and inspire the children. So, as well as inspiring the kids through meaningful leisure activities in school and after school, they also become more employable in the labour market by getting their first job.

What are your plans for next year? Any new developments or ideas?

The City of Gothenburg gave us a good evaluation, which confirms the value of our important work. We have also seen clear impacts from other assessments and from schools. The kids are not products; it’s all about building relationships and working sustainably for the long term. Looking ahead to next year we are hoping to work closely with more companies and get a long-term agreement with the City of Gothenburg. Right now, the organisation is working in several areas, but the main focus is Norra Hisingen. I want to develop activities in more areas and get more children to be seen and acknowledged.

15 international journalists visited Gothenburg on Thursday to learn about the city’s open attitude and sharing culture in business and in the hospitality industry. During the day they visited AstraZeneca, Lindholmen Science Park and were given a guided tour of central Gothenburg.

International journalists at Astra Zeneca.

“Gothenburg always has something interesting to offer visitors, and today we have fantastic weather as well. Self-driving cars are a hot issue right now and there are lots of questions the average person wants answers to, so I hope we will get some answers today,” said journalist Irina Dergacheva during a visit to Zenuity.

The visit is part of an initiative taken by Göteborg & Co and Business Region Göteborg. Together, they have engaged with businesses and the hospitality sector in Gothenburg with the aim of welcoming international visitors and sharing stories of what the Gothenburg region has to offer.

“We are doing this to raise the international profile of Gothenburg and establish it as one of the most rapidly expanding metropolitan regions in Europe. The hospitality industry, trade & industry and academia are all experiencing a tremendous phase of growth,” says Stefan Gadd, Press & Corporate Communications Manager at Göteborg & Co.

One part of the project, known as Gothenburg Open Source, involves highlighting openness as a unique asset in Gothenburg. This was the reason for inviting foreign correspondents from various countries who are based in Stockholm on a one-day study trip. The ambition for the future is to get greater involvement among businesses and the hospitality sector, to raise international awareness of Gothenburg’s appeal as an innovative, open and creative city.

“Our mission is to strengthen the business development potential of Gothenburg, while Göteborg & Co is responsible for marketing the destination. These two tasks go hand in hand, and it will become increasingly important to trade & industry that the city is an attractive place to invest in and live in,” says Maria Leffler from Business Region Göteborg.

Around SEK 1000 million will be invested in Gothenburg by the year 2035 and the city will see considerable growth in housing and employment. One of the goals of Gothenburg Open Source is to encourage more people to experience the city and its atmosphere of openness and sharing culture, which makes the city feel bigger than it actually is.

#gbgtechweek in Gothenburg, 21st–25th of May 2018. Taking place for the fourth year in a row, this is an event designed to raise awareness of Gothenburg’s tech and startup scene and showcase all the city has to offer as an exciting base for entrepreneurs.

Photo: #gbgtechweek

#gbgtechweek is a non-profit organisation founded to support Gothenburg’s entrepreneurs and startup companies by organising and coordinating an event week in May each year.

Throughout the week, inspiring lectures, workshops, hacks and launches relating to technology, startups and enterprise take place at various venues across the city. All the events are free to attend and open to everyone. See the full programme here.

The Trade & Industry Group at Göteborg & Co is a partner of #gbgtechweek, which aims to raise the profile of Gothenburg’s tech and startup scene.

Magasin Göteborg was distributed as a supplement to the trade journal Dagens Industri on the 16th of May 2018. The theme for this year is “Stories from the city with attitude” and how this idea is expressed in Gothenburg. The magazine is published on behalf of Business Region Göteborg and the Trade & Industry Group at Göteborg & Co.

Attitude and the will to succeed are vital elements in the city’s development. This year, Magasin Göteborg turns the spotlight on entrepreneurs, scientists and innovators who truly believe in their projects and their city. What do Gothenburg companies see as the keys to export success? How could a quantum computer help to develop self-driving cars? Which are the hottest companies to watch in the city right now?

You can also read about the importance of artificial intelligence to Stena Line, big projects that are being planned for Gothenburg’s 400 years anniversary in 2021, about the queen of entertainment, Cissi Stenborg, and much more.

The purpose of Magasin Göteborg is to showcase all the innovative people and the diversity of companies and events in the region, which together make Gothenburg an even more attractive city to work in, live in and visit.

Read Magasin Göteborg online here (in Swedish only) and give us your feedback at #magasinGBG

Magasin Göteborg 2018