Tourism Growth

In the project Tillväxt Turism (Tourism Growth), three organisations worked together to make their individual offers and rolls more defined. The project ran between 2016 and 2018 and was made possible with funds from the European Union.

The project group offered approximately 50 companies in the Gothenburg Region advice concerning business and product development. The organisations also carried out digital analyses and business development initiatives and contributed with industry knowledge. Meetings, matchmaking, seminars and workshops within company development initiatives were organised. The companies that took part and the inspiring routes that were created have been marketed in Sweden and abroad.

A new and improved model for cooperation between the tree organisations was another result from the project.

The mission of Göteborg & Co is to get more people to discover and choose Gothenburg. This is done through wide-reaching collaboration, by leading and promoting the development of Gothenburg as a sustainable destination, so that everyone who lives and works here benefits from a growing hospitality industry. Göteborg & Co develops and markets Gothenburg with 13 districts in the surrounding Västra Götaland Region, that constitute a common destination.

Together with the industry and public actors, Göteborg & Co initiates and runs development issues that are important for the visitor industry.

Göteborg & Co is a municipal company, City of Gothenburg.

Turistrådet Västsverige (West Sweden Tourist Board) is the Region Västra Götaland’s company for visitor industry issues. The company develops and markets West Sweden as a destination and serves companies within the West Swedish visitor industry. Together with the industry and public actors, Turistrådet Västsverige initiates and runs development issues. Turistrådet Västsverige is also a partner for company development and strategic development, marketing and communication.

Business Region Gothenburg strives to create conditions for the entire region’s business community by assisting with knowledge, contacts and arenas for collaboration. Business Region Gothenburg is responsible for business development in the City of Gothenburg and represents 13 municipalities in the region. At the department for company development, they help entrepreneurs to get started with their companies. The Expedition Framåt programme then support existing companies towards profitability and sustainable growth.